My Model Story
"Still Lives" [by Ann Walton Sieber, April 21] prompted me to write.
I used to model for art classes and fine-art photographers when I lived in New York years ago. Before becoming a model I taught high school art, and that was such a mental and emotional drain that at the end of the day I would have little to put into my own art. Modeling was perfect for me, the pay was good and I was not distracted by pressures of a "real job."

The story brought back many memories for my husband (he modeled too) and me. I have saved the article for my files and have sent a copy to my parents, who could never understand why we took off our clothes and stood naked in front of groups of people.

Dixie Friend Gay

That's Mr. Withheld to You, Pal
I read with interest your article "Aggie Alchemy" [by Brian Wallstin, April 7] and the subsequent letters regarding that story. Congratulations on what appeared to be an inclusive, well-researched article. As an Aggie, I am disappointed that something like that could be associated with our university.

A letter published in the following issue from "Name Withheld" had a very strong opinion not only about the article, but also about A&M in general. Allow me to suggest that if "Name Withheld" felt so strongly about his stereotypical, Aggie-phobic, hate-spewing opinion, he would have the balls to take credit for that opinion.

It is my opinion that "Name Withheld" is a spineless, myopic bigot. Only when "Name Withheld" grows a spine should he grab a crayon and Big Chief tablet to whine to the editors.

James H. Hayes Jr.
San Antonio

A Lesson in Word Usement
Funny how Alison Cook railed against Mesa [Cafe, "The Dallas Version," April 28] for its "preciousness" and verbose, over-descriptive menu language. The menu must read just like Alison's restaurant reviews. She puts down Mesa's use of trendy words, but then uses some herself every week -- "Japanesey," "non-crust," and "uncosmetic" when talking of a pinto bean sauce, no less! Couldn't she think of "minimalist," "stark," "pale" and "simple" or even the acceptable "unadorned"? My friends and I use some of the more ridiculous of her wannabe words (it's getting hard to choose) in dinner conversation every Friday night -- and the laughs just keep coming.

So I guess Alison is from Dallas too. But can she cook?
Leslie Holland

All Apologies
I would like the opportunity to correct two errors in statements I made in a Houston Press article about the ACLU ["The Life and Death of Houston's ACLU," by Steve McVicker, December 23] pointed out to me by Jim Harrington. The first is that, although, as Harrington has stated, he did not see eye to eye with the [ACLU] board on litigation policy, he did not leave as a result of insubordination relating to litigation. The second error relates to the question of how many board members were sued in their individual capacities. Mr. Harrington has told me that he sued only three board members individually and believes that my statement could be misunderstood to mean that he sued every board member, and the case was settled before these three board members had to pay for individual counsel.

I have already expressed to Harrington my gratitude at his pointing out these errors and assured him that if these nuances caused him even the slightest difficulty, I regret the fact.

Joseph L. Jacobson
Executive Director, ACLU Texas


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