Sacrifice Flies

Richard Connelly's article "Low and Outside" [March 30] was just that, "low" in its treatment of the Catholic faith and "outside" the realm of decent journalism. In a failed attempt at humor, Mr. Connelly refers to Annunciation Church as not only a place that offers bread and wine at services, but apparently there's a magician who somehow transforms those things into the "body and blood of Christ," some kind of "prophet dude."

I realize that the Houston Press has made its mark by printing the unprintable, but even it should maintain some ethical standards. Apparently Mr. Connelly does not know the difference between "magic" and "mystery." That Catholics believe in the real and abiding presence of Christ in the Eucharist is something that should render Mr. Connelly silent, not thrust him into a foolish verbal assault on the faith. There are 1.3 million Catholics in the greater Houston area. For us, the Eucharist is a most precious gift, not something to be mocked by someone "low" and "outside."

The Reverend Frank H. Rossi


Nice article. I especially liked the second "letter" from a local "public relations" firm. I'm a suburbanite myself. I bought a house in Jersey Village because I did not want to spend $150,000 for a 1,000-square-foot Bellaire or Heights shoebox, much less a $100,000 high-rise condo on Smith Street that has a breathtaking view of the Greyhound bus station roof.

However, I am a huge baseball fan, and I have to say that watching a game indoors is comparable to watching an opera at Sam Houston Race Park: The event does not jibe with the venue.

My point is that Cleveland- or Baltimore-style rejuvenation of downtown is nice, if it ever happens. Yes, the politicians and movers and shakers of our fine city had to hold that word like a carrot before the donkey-faced voters four years ago just to get a new stadium built. But true baseball fans wouldn't care where they placed it.

I go downtown on occasion to hit the bars and see what all the urban snobs are up to, but I am not going to Astros games just so afterward I can drop $10 at every velvet rope I see, have a $5 Bud Light and stare at the $2,000 rack on the X'd-out blond. I just want to go to a stylish ballpark and hope they've cleaned up the east side enough so that I don't get shot doing it.

Anyhoo, keep it up! I love your articles.

Mike Souther

Jersey Village

Horning In

I want to commend you on the great job you did on this story ["Dream Taker," by John Suval, March 30]. I was impressed with the detailed background information that you provided regarding the bidding history.

My passions are music and real estate. I am the sax player in the Suspects. However, I also buy low-income houses, transform them (move out the drug dealers and remodel) and rent or sell them to low-income families. I have always been committed to making a difference in my community. Therefore, I have a true appreciation for your stand regarding the lack of progress with Hakeem's building.

Keep up the good work!

Chuy Terrazas


Nuts and Dolts

I really enjoyed your article "Whose Stadium Is It, Anyway?" [by Lauren Kern, March 30].

The city of Houston had just about everyone so excited about this project, and they blindly went along with it. I have to laugh at the many people who told me I was nuts and wrong when I said we'd end up paying dearly for this stadium, that it would be built for the corporate reps and financially well-off people but that we, meaning the working stiffs, would end up financing it.

It's frightening how politics weaves its optimistic spells, then rears a head comparable to Medusa's. However, maybe people have learned their lesson. After all, they did vote against building more new stadia. I just hope people don't let their guards down to the deceptions of groups pushing for such things. There are better things to do for this city.

As for me, I guess I should start saving up for a hot dog, beer and a ticket that won't put me in the nosebleed section. By the time I can afford all of that without overdrawing my account, the season should be in full swing and the hype gone, which will mean lots of empty seats.

Thanks again for the article -- I enjoyed it!

Name withheld by request


Don't You Counsel?

All I have to say about your article is "Way to go!" to whatever antiabortionist group it is you're writing about ["Poison Pen," by Steve McVicker, March 23]. I wish someone could have been able to counsel my 15-year-old daughter from the pro-life side, since the girls that go to these clinics hear only one side of the story (the view of the ones who are making a profit from the girls' lifelong mistake), or I wish someone had written down her license plate and notified me, so that as her mother I (and not some stranger) could have discussed it with her.

I heard the statistic that girls who get abortions usually get pregnant again within the next year; my daughter is pregnant with twins (from the same young man). These people don't mind giving the abortions, but they fail to emphasize and follow up on birth control.

Name withheld by request


Thanks very much for your article on the crazies in Bryan. I hope you'll keep readers informed about that situation. Even if things remain the same (and harassment of clinic staff and patients continues), I think that's newsworthy in itself. A friend of mine from College Station told me that there's someone dressed as the grim reaper who regularly pickets the clinic. The Press is great!

Ellen Justice


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