Zoo Doctrine
Kudos to Brad Tyer on his article "Sick and Tired" [May 20].
But maybe he should research a little further back. This is not exactly new for the parks department. This is standard practice. As an employee, I know that Karl Peterson's dilemma is not the first, nor will it be the last. There isn't enough time in the day to tell of the way some people are treated within the department. Maybe someday the Press will get the full story. Until then, keep up the fantastic work you folks are doing. I don't waste my time on the Chronicle -- I like to hear the "true" story!

Name withheld by request
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A Call for Volunteers
Thank you, Ms. Downing, for your thoughtful article on Richmond State School ["School Outing," May 20]. I've been visiting there for five years and can attest to its value. "Institutionalized" sounds terrible, but Richmond, for all the trouble they've had, is a peaceful place with many caring staff members and lots of activities. For residents who have been abandoned by their families (for not being physically and mentally perfect, if you can imagine such a thing), volunteers can help. Visits and telephone calls brighten their days. I have always felt I was in the presence of angels when I visit Larry, Jimmy, Francis, "Sheriff" Jerry, Robert and Roger. For information about volunteering, call Richmond State School at (281)344-4681.

Michele Arnold
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Okay, So We've Got a Tough Critic Here
I do admit that The Last Session ["Light But Likable," by Lee Williams, May 20] is a hopeful and positive look at a very dark subject. Lee was crying her eyes out at the end, so she couldn't have hated it quite as much as her review indicated.

As for her comment about my lyrics being less than stellar, I totally agree. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Drama Critics presented me with their award for Best Music & Lyrics, so I was blinded by that bit of praise and momentarily forgot.

Steve Schalchlin
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Check Your Calendars, Folks
I'm sorry that you felt that the playwright of The Moon Is Blue was into woman bashing ["Mooning the '50s," by Lee Williams, May 20]. Let's remember that this was written in the 1950s, and for that time this was scandalous. I think that Stages has done a good production of the play, and I enjoyed seeing it. I did not enjoy the heavy, hopeless plays that I have seen this year at other theaters, and found this one well written, well acted, well directed, happy and hopeful. I couldn't tell if you didn't like it because you were trying to be politically correct, or if you did like it but couldn't say that you did. Better luck trying to understand your review the next time.

Lynn R. Hargrove
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Maybe We'll Run It in Spanish Next
Although it may give the erroneous impression that we need to get a life, some of us did notice that you apparently liked Bernando Pohl's letter ("Tube Puncher") enough to print it twice (May 13 and May 20). Giving us the occasional indication that you are human makes us appreciate your paper even more.

Richard Mayer
via Internet

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