Low Rent-a-Cop
Hell of an article ["False Sense of Security," by Steve McVicker, December 31]!

As a former retail security guard for more than 13 years, I am well aware of the riffraff posing as security guards. The sad thing is that little is being done about it. Hopefully, this will help.

Andy Fuller
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Institutional Dangers
Did I miss something in your article on the alleged harassment of Garland Gross ["The Truth Is Out There," by Richard Connelly, December 16]? Or are we to understand that over a period of ten years, during which Gross and the Deer Park police alleged harassment against each other, that Gross had no video surveillance and/or sound-recording devices installed in his shop to record these contested events, nor did the Deer Park police record so-called harassing phone calls from Gross?

Either would have helped settle this dispute, but since your article doesn't mention them, we are left to assume that no such common-sense means were used by either party to collect evidence.

If this is indeed the case, both Gross and the Deer Park police should be institutionalized as dangers to themselves. If it isn't, your reporter and editor should be set adrift for suppressing so important a point in the story.

L. Swilley
via Internet

Editor's note: Gross said in the story he didn't resort to such tactics because events occurred irregularly during the ten-year time frame, and that he believed each incident would be the last. Deer Park police won't comment on evidence that might come up in the federal trial.

For God's Sake!
Being a cradle Catholic and having a fondness for the Virgin Mary, I truly enjoyed your article "Virgin Rebirth" by Harrison Fletcher [December 31]. However, the article mentioned the tilma in Mexico being "worshipped by millions." I would like to clarify the proper place Mary holds in the Catholic faith. Neither she nor her image are "worshipped" as a deity or divine entity. The Catholic Church strictly forbids this; Mary is a creature, and worship is for God alone. Rather, Mary is "venerated," held in deep respect as the Mother of God.

J. Curtis
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Tabloid Truth
Your portrayal of the polo fans was offensive ["The Patrón," by Randall Patterson, November 19]. On an issue where there isn't a conclusive truth thus far, you implied in a very black-and-white manner that Ralph Lauren was the one without fault. Mean-spirited jousts at Mr. Goodman showed flaws in the character of the author. I am utterly unimpressed at the use of this paper for personal issues rather than in a more constructive manner. You have destroyed the potential of creating a paper that is reliable and interesting and reduced the Houston Press to no more than a local tabloid.

Bailey Daniel

Wishing for Four
Great job, Press!
I just can't understand how this guy gets out in ten years when he is convicted of three capital murders ["Making a Killing," by Steve McVicker, October 22]. It sounds like this guy was not charged with the murder of the 14-month-old. He should have been convicted of four capital murders. As you can tell, I am a parent. Great story.

Donna Hull
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Menus and Rule Books
My wife and I enjoyed reading Margaret Briggs's recent review of Lupe Tortilla's, and our experience was similar ["Tex-Mex Tyranny," November 12]. The food was good, but I've never seen a restaurant staff so defensive and irate about its rules. You'd think they were trying to appeal to families, but with their attitude, posture and rules, we'll be sticking with Chuy's.

David Smith
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No Lupe Fan
Longtime customers of Lupe Tortilla's west Houston location continue to amaze me. The service is terrible, the atmosphere even worse (nothing like paying to dine in an old, musty, unairconditioned house) and the food is, at best, average.

Mike Patrick
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Five-Starr Reviews?
Could someone please tell Michael Sragow to stop putting his pro-Clinton propaganda in his movie reviews ["Year of Yearning," December 31]. Everyone knew that Sragow knows nothing about film, and now we know he knows nothing about politics. Why should someone who simply wants to read a film review have to put up with reading his insane conclusion that Bill Clinton is God and that all who oppose him are the Antichrist? If he can't write one lousy review without getting on a soapbox, I think it's time for him to take a rest.

Robert Allbee


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