Good Dream and Bad
Perhaps my greatest disappointment in reading Brad Tyer's article about the crack and chip repair curbside business entrepreneurs ["Risky Business," December 10] was not that the Norrises were victims of extortion by a neighboring business and political pressure by a state representative. Instead, it was that Hakeem Olajuwon, one of few present-day sports stars worthy of admiration, allows his name and reputation to be associated with this type of activity. Based upon the integrity and religious convictions Hakeem has exhibited over the years, I would suspect that once he becomes aware of this blight on his "Dream" that he will take appropriate action.

It appears Representative Ron Wilson is not in the middle of this matter but, assuming the accuracy of the article, is actively condoning business practices that are suspect of tax evasion and extortion. I would hope that a legislator would have a more pressing agenda for his constituents. Maybe he should focus more on the repair of society's dangerous crack problem as opposed to the Norrises' crack repair enterprise.

I cannot cast my vote against Mr. Wilson; thankfully he is not my representative. As a consumer, I can cast my vote against Dream's and Bros. Hand Car Wash, by absentee, of course. And my appetite for a Denny's Grand Slam just struck out.

In the meantime, should I suffer a windshield misfortune I will be looking for the Norrises, examples of the American dream of opportunity, somewhere on the side of the road.

Ben W. Stluka
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Fowl Deeds
State Representative Ron Wilson's frantic Chicken Little act in response to the Norrises' windshield repair business seemed somehow disproportionate. Could it be that something besides the Norrises' tent motivated him? What might that be?

Ron Wilson gives new meaning to the idea that all politics is local.
Timothy Mulligan
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From Poultry to Pony
Imagine my total lack of surprise regarding state Representative Ron Wilson's implication of "Racism" when reading Brad Tyer's article.

Is this guy ever going to get a new line? As I was reading and noted the first mention of his involvement in the affair, I knew it was coming ... any second now ... Yes!

Once again, Wilson has not failed to disappoint me. He really should write a book on how to throw in the "R" word into any situation. Ron, you're the ultimate One-Trick-Pony!

Congratulations on an excellent article, and keep up the good work!
Name withheld by request
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Uncommon Relationships
Afis Olajuwon shouldn't even be allowed inside our borders if he expects to collect 25 percent of his neighbors' revenue in exchange for not running them out of business. That thug has nothing at all in common with his brother except the last name.

I don't care how many Denny's he owns; I don't eat there, anyway. Plus, I hand polish my own car.

Moreover, the voters made a terrible miscalculation by voting into the state legislature anyone so patently racist as to countenance criminal behavior, much less intercede in its behalf.

Bob Trube
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Sweep the Streets
The father and son should not be allowed to do business on the street. I disdain this as much as I do the guy who comes up to my car at a stoplight to clean my windshield. Get you a taxable location.

Mattie Ford
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Hope for Hakeem
Who does Afis Olajuwon think he is anyway? Here we have two men going for the "American Dream," and somebody comes over and tries to destroy it. I hope Hakeem isn't this way in his daily business operations.

Rhonda Ramirez
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Defensive Driving
Thank you, Bob Burtman, for the outstanding article ["Semi Safe," December 3].

I've contacted both Senator Gallegos and Representative Talton and was met with allegations that the Houston Press was "one-sided." They were obviously very defensive.

Living only a few miles from Pasadena, I am very glad the Pasadena Police Department is serious about the safe transportation of chemicals in the area.

Your article is greatly appreciated!
John R. Cobarruvias
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Saintly Innocence
The picture that you used with the hands in a prayerful pose was uncanny ["The Truth Is Out There," by Richard Connelly, December 10]. That was exactly what I did when the jury said, "Not guilty."

Garland Gross
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A Garland for Gross
For 17 years, my sister has worked with Garland Gross at Deer Park Pharmacy. Through the years, I have heard bits and pieces of the feud between Garland and the Deer Park police from her.

Over those years, I've gotten to know Garland. I cannot believe that he would make up these wild allegations. And I cannot believe he would intentionally injure himself, as one officer claimed. You can look at his lifelong customers and multiple-year staff members and see that he's garnered a lot of respect in the community.

Police Chief Little's claim that the SWAT-team raids never happened is absurd. There were customers in the store, as well as Kenny and my sister. Did Garland ask them all to lie for him? I don't think so.

A gentleman who works in my Houston building made a point to come over and tell me that he read the article, that he lived in Deer Park, and to tell Garland he had "anonymous supporters" out there. He did not have a high opinion of the Deer Park Police Department. The opinion seems to be that the good-ole-boy network is still alive and well in Deer Park.

Kim Wylie
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