Brian Wallstin's article "Biological Disaster" [August 20] was one of the best I have read. It always amazes me that some people are so short-sighted that they will trade future advances that will benefit everyone to make a few dollars for themselves now. I hope your article will enlighten others to be wary of what they sign, and perhaps change the attitudes of colleges and universities that peddle to those short-sighted companies and individuals.

Shaun McClintock
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Disgusting Dabblers
I was appalled at the recent story regarding the excellent Dr. Dunbar and her struggles with Baylor College of Medicine, Zonagen, etc. I graduated from this medical school in 1991, and had attended all of the lectures on reproduction given by Dr. Dunbar. She is an excellent scientist whose work can eliminate the need for potentially dangerous surgical procedures in those who desire permanent sterility.

It appears, from your story, that she has been royally shafted by those who "presumably" were looking out for her and her interests. This is what happens when businessmen, who have no concept of medicine or people, dabble in things they know nothing about. I only hope this valuable research does not get lost in the meantime. Good luck, Bonnie.

Dr. Kimberly Brady, Ob-Gyn
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I was appalled at the three letters published in the August 27 issue in response to the August 13 article about the lack of adequate attorney representation given death-row inmate Erica Sheppard ["Of Life and Death," by Muriel L. Sims]. They all miss the point. Her two trial attorneys both admit in sworn affidavits that they failed to prepare the case for trial. The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct apply: A lawyer shall not neglect a legal matter entrusted to the lawyer.

The rule is not enforced against these public servants and government officials.

Solution: Eliminate the legal monopoly by repealing the State Bar Act. Establish a system of qualified ombudsmen and public defenders to oversee criminal and civil courts. Create a tough, effective disciplinary system to enforce ethical practice standards against lawyers and judges. Make lawyer malpractice insurance mandatory, state-financed or consolidated with bar dues.

Ray E. Dittmar
Principal, Texas Court Watchers
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Just Jokes
In reference to your article [Insider, by Tim Fleck, August 27]: At what point will people quit getting offended and do something constructive with their time?

Lori Hudgins
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Humor Bombs
In regard to Tim Fleck's recounting of Chronicle sportswriter John P. Lopez's sniggering over the Astros' hired gun Randy Johnson's nickname -- so what? If this guy is going to walk around with the nickname "Big Unit" and the last name of Johnson, he can just get used to a lot of junior high humor. I was delighted that there was at least one Astros sportswriter or sportscaster who wasn't, however temporarily, donning a cheerleader skirt, pompons and blinders.

No, I don't like Lopez, either. Check out the column in which he compared the bombing of the Cubs to the bombing in the Middle East. "Death to the Tyrants from Chicago!" This is beyond stupid.

M. Cartwright


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