Stark Contrast
I would just like to commend the Houston Press for its in-depth articles on the leading candidates for mayor, all of which are conveniently archived on your website. The October 2 story by Brian Wallstin on George Greanias ["Why Don't They Want This Man to Be Mayor?"] was exceptionally good, since it not only provided yet another detailed look at one of the candidates, but contrasts that picture against an excruciatingly accurate backdrop of the unethical practices which now exist in Houston city government. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to know why the number one issue in the mayoral campaign this year is government ethics.

Vince Page
via Internet

Bruce, Brian, Whatever
I was startled at Bruce Wallstin's article on George Greanias. Obviously, Cousin Bruce was not here in town when Greanias was the city controller. Over half the city, and surely at least that many of the folks who know Greanias, would dispute that he's honest and smart.

Maybe after Cousin Bruce lives here for a while, he will see that Bob Lanier loves Houston and cares about this city. Mr. Greanias is a demagogue of the first order. Mr. Wallstin observed that only after careful study did Mr. Greanias support the upcoming bond referendum. Greanias was a johnny-come-lately. The reasons he has not run for mayor before are obvious. He was chicken, and he had nothing to get self-righteous about. This city can't afford a Greanias. We need people who know and care for Houston. George is for George.

Since the Wallstin article was so stilted [sic], I would hope you would allow other candidates to have their people do cover articles for them. This is federally required equal time. I would go even money that Cousin Bruce truly believes that Georgie might give him a job at City Hall -- in the remote event that Greanias could win!

M. J. McNamara

Editor's reply: Uh, that would be Brian Wallstin, or Cousin Brian to you.

More Apologies
In his article "All Apologies" [September 25], Jim Simmon has defamed gay people as much as the Press defamed the good-natured image of man's (and woman's) best friend. I was shocked and horrified when Mr. Simmon suggested that Mr. Kelley could be GAY(!). As if we don't have enough to bother with without being compared to the likes of him.

Speaking for all homosexual men and women, we demand an apology, Mr. Simmon.
Josef Molnar
via Internet

Jim Simmon replies: You're absolutely right. Let me issue a blanket apology to any human -- gay, straight, bisexual, whatever --who might be offended by being compared to Lloyd Kelley, as well as to any animal, or vegetable or mineral that I may have inadvertently defamed, or will defame in the future, by likening he, she or it to Kelley.

Dogs Are Feeling Better About Themselves
The comments on Lloyd Kelley were absolutely fabulous. I'm apologizing to all the dogs on my block for you. The rottweiler down the street looks like a gentleman compared to Lloyd.

Roger Paulding
via Internet


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