Timmy, the Devil's Son-in-Law
Timmy, I want to thank you for the neat picture of the barbecue in The Insider of October 17 ["Strange Bedfellows, Strange Sheets"]. You have provided confirmation once again, to all intelligent life, just how stupid and biased the written media can be. I feel certain you must be an offspring of the "thing" God describes in Genesis 3:15, and I do not refer to the woman. (If you can borrow a Bible, look it up.) Although I will pray for your salvation, I have grave concern that someday your head will probably be crushed by our Lord, Jesus Christ, as described in this verse, in spite of my attempts at intercession. Meanwhile, keep up the good reporting. We need more of this kind of media coverage. It will convince more innocent people who believe everything they read in newspapers of the distorted mentality of this communications medium. I hope the Press can survive for a while longer so as to help us win this battle for minds.

Raymond C. Lohman
via Internet

Editor's reply: In the Bible we borrowed, Genesis 3:15 has the Lord saying to the serpent: "And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel." We give up, Mr. Lohman. But we do appreciate your attempts at intercession on Timmy's behalf, and we hope that you continue to rock on with your bad self.

No Pimpin' in Kingwood
In response to your article regarding Kingwood in The Insider: You idiots, we live out here because we don't want to be surrounded by crime, filth and poverty pimps. We wouldn't support John Peavy or Judson Robinson because of their left-wing socialist values. You can bet that if J.C. Watts, Colin Powell or Alan Keyes ran against "Giveitaway Bob" Lanier and his ilk, they would win Kingwood without much of a contest.

Scott Palmer
via Internet

Branded by Hotze
As an avid follower of our state district court system, I read with interest and faint amusement the baseless allegations that Steven Hotze had whispered to one of his associates as documented in your recent article ["The Kingdom and the Power," by Tim Fleck, October 3] regarding three of the state district judges elected in the GOP sweep of 1994.

Apparently, since these three judges do not "talk the talk and walk the walk" of Mr. Hotze, they are branded as "incompetent" and may face opposition in their party's next primary. One of those "incompetent" judges, Jim Wallace of the 263rd State District Court, was mentioned by name in the article. Having known Judge Wallace for years, I can assure you that the word "incompetent" is a totally erroneous description of this jurist.

Since assuming the bench in 1995, Wallace has taken a court with one of the highest case dockets to the third-lowest case docket out of 22 state district courts. For those of you who aren't exactly sure what that is, it means that Wallace has taken the most cases and passed the most sentences of the scheduled court cases before his bench -- a feat surpassed only by Judge Ted Poe.

Think of a court docket as a large "IN" box and the disposition of those cases as the "OUT" box. Using this analogy, Wallace has done more work in the time allotted to him than most of the other state district judges. If this is a measure of "incompetence," then I wish we had more "incompetent" judges.

According to what I have seen and heard regarding Mr. Hotze, such baseless attacks on other people's characters are nothing new. Wild accusations with no facts add up to "incompetence" of a different sort. For shame.

Alex G. Kanakis
via Internet


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