Yes, That's It -- WASP Hatred!
I too am the owner of a David Weekley home, but judging by the extreme bias reflected in Bob Burtman's article about Weekley homes ["Slab O' Trouble," June 27], I doubt you will print this letter.
I mean after all, when you have published the most perfectly prejudiced piece of writing ever penned, why spoil it by confusing the issues with facts? While Mr. Burtman's article convinced me that responsible journalism is not something he has any experience with, nor is it on any list of the Press' editorial priorities, it also left me wondering about Burtman's real motivation. Is it envy? Religious prejudice? Racial prejudice? WASP hatred? Is he a reject from the '60s, still clinging to the notion that profit is a four-letter word? Is he a frustrated 60 Minutes wannabe? His story had the combined effect of compelling me to write you about my experience with purchasing and living in a Weekley home in Greatwood and ensuring that I'll never read your publication again. I've never met Burtman (or Mr. Weekley), but judging by the way the article was written, I'd be willing to wager a nice lunch that Burtman's co-workers call him "the worm" or "the weasel" or something apt like this.

My experience buying a new Weekley home was vastly different than the tales of woe Burtman described. It was really pretty close to a dream come true. The post-tensioned slab has remained intact, and there are no cracks anywhere around the perimeter of the foundation. Sure, there were a few problems that came up over the first year, but with one phone call, each was dealt with -- promptly. The bottom line is this: I had never heard of David Weekley before I moved here from Denver and bought this house. But having a degree in engineering, I liked what I found when I started looking at Weekley homes with serious intent: floors that don't squeak, stair railings that are rock solid, low A/C bills, a cable tensioned concrete slab, a well thought-out design, professional landscaping, top name appliances and attention to detail everywhere I looked. Fact is, I'll probably buy another Weekley home when I outgrow this one. The other Weekley buyers nearby seemed to have a parallel experience. Yet some of the folks who bought homes from other builders around me are not so full of praise.

And I am so distressed to learn that Disney is using Weekley to build homes in central Florida. There's your proof of a slipshod operator if there ever was any. Everybody knows old Walt was a crook, Mickey's a fairy rodent, the Disney Company is third-rate at best and all that stuff written about them in In Search of Excellence was lies. And since birds of a feather flock together, what else needs to be said. You could have saved a lot of newsprint and just mentioned that these two scandalous outfits were in bed together, and everyone would have known to stay clear of David Weekley.

Will Wright
Sugar Land

Editor's note: Bob Burtman's co-workers -- some of whom are WASPs -- call him "Bob" or "Burtman."

Pearland Detour
I think one of the most important statements in "Hardball" [by Bonnie Gangelhoff, July 4] was that Holly Nuber "never discussed her sex life with team members, parents or students" and that she chooses to keep her private life private. She must have done something right to have her team win the state championship. When considering a new place to live, Pearland has just fallen way down my list of places to raise my son. Some of the people I care about would not be welcome there, it sounds. Neither would my attitude of tolerance and letting God make the final judgment -- whatever it may be.

Irmgard Willcockson

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