Young, Pretty and Deluded
I had to chuckle to myself when I read the article about the hard feelings of the Empire Cafe employees toward the restaurant's owner ["Counter Revolution," by Megan Halverson, July 7]. The employees' method of creating customer loyalty by giving away food and coffee would definitely create loyalty -- but if they don't pay, they ain't customers.

I have no doubt that the employees were dedicated and may have helped create an atmosphere that helped the restaurant grow, but they seemed to be somewhat confused as to whose restaurant it is. You can be the best behind-the-counter person in the world, and even tattoo the company logo across your face, but you're still an employee, and the food that you're giving away belongs to someone else. I'm sure they thought that it was no big deal -- it's never a big deal when it comes out of someone else's pocket.

And pardon me if I don't have much sympathy for David Brown, whose main whine was that the owner had the audacity to tell him how he wanted his restaurant to be run. Wake up and smell the coffee, David. If you want to make the rules, get your own restaurant. Until you learn how businesses work, my guess is that you will have plenty of time to sit and suck coffee all afternoon ... but you better find a place that won't charge you for it.

Finally, I really like eating at the Empire Cafe. It's one of my favorite places for lunch or Sunday brunch. Getting rid of employee theft can only help the restaurant to continue, so I'm happy that the owner has corrected the problem with his employees. (Not to mention the fact that since I always paid for my food, I was unknowingly subsidizing David Brown's freeloading friends.)

John Stilbert

Wright and Wrong
I have just finished reading your letters column, and I felt that it was my duty to respond to Will Wright's testimony to the true merit of a David Weekley home. [Letters, "Yes, That's It -- WASP Hatred!" July 25]. I think I can speak for many of those who read Wright's gripefest when I say, "Who cares?" Just because Bob Burtman ["Slab O' Trouble, July 11] doesn't share his views, he labels Burtman a WASP hater and accuses him of lying. I found no justification for his claims. Instead, I was forced to read his weak attempt at humor as he belittled a cartoon. Was the quote, "Mickey's a fairy rodent ..." a reflection of homophobic tendencies? Perhaps he should reevaluate his own insecurities and beliefs before he begins slandering others.

Incidentally, I have had personal experience with David Weekley Homes, and like a number of my friends, I have found them to be long on price, but not so on value.

Mia Fisher

A Medal for Holly
I was appalled to read the story concerning the firing of Coach Holly Nuber of Pearland High School ["Hardball," by Bonnie Gangelhoff, July 4]. I don't know Nuber; however, by all accounts, she is a topflight coach who is able to instill self-esteem and a sense of teamwork in her students. Any teacher who can accomplish this today deserves nothing less than a medal!

Young people with healthy self-esteem will not end up as statistics on drugs or alcohol or pregnant. Given her accomplishments, if Nuber were a male, there would be ticker tape parades in that community in her honor.

I can only hope and pray that the people of conscience in Pearland will not be silent and will not allow this tragedy to go unremedied.

Had my 17-year-old nephew been taught by someone like Holly, perhaps he would not have committed suicide two years ago.

M.J. Harrison


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