Long Drought Over
Thank you for finally ending the art review drought at the Press. Shaila Dewan's unexpected review of the show at Art of This Century [Art, "Graphic Ideas," February 22] was both intelligent and thoughtful, which made it a welcome surprise. Keep it going.

Bill Thomas

Ixnay on the Profanity
For the first time I am disappointed in the Houston Press. Your article on Huey Meaux ["Wasted Days, Wasted Lives," by Steve McVicker, February 22] was great and informative, but did you have to use the "f" word and the "p" word? I understand that those were not the words of Mr. McVicker himself, but a quote from Meaux's acquaintance. Still, it's unacceptable. Next time put a disclaimer on the cover! WARNING! TRASH INSIDE!

Pamela Maldonado

Zoot Suits and the Decline of the West
The Joe Coleman "Zoot Me Up" story [by Claudia Kolker, February 15] was a waste of readers' time. Mr. Coleman is merely making a profit on the ignorant people who simply do not have the sense to realize they are being typecast. This story only fuels the stereotypes that have been in television and movies for years about the Hispanic people.

This form of moneymaking sham is "okay," I suppose, as long as these slow people are willing to buy into it. This only sets back the Latin people, oh, about 100 years. Just think of the many out there who already have a pre-judged notion of how "Hispanic people" should look and act! It is true that you are judged by how you look and carry yourself.

It really sickened me to read on about the parents who actually "encouraged" their children to wear this trash. The pictures with those kids leaning backward with an attitude -- what a joke! This, my friends, is a travesty! Those parents may as well take them straight to a tattoo shop, buy them a can of spray paint and a six pack of beer and give them a gun!

Parents: please encourage your children to focus on a continuing education! Not this sort of trash! I am sure the majority of longtime Texans agree with me on this subject!

And by the way, race is not the issue here. I am Mexican-American and this letter would have been written even if I were purple.

Name withheld by request

Editor's reply: Gee, we thought "Zoot Me Up" was just a nice story about an African-American family pursuing a lost art for a mostly Hispanic clientele -- sort of real-life multiculturalism. Thanks for setting us straight.

For Attitude, You'll Read Maxine?
Just read your article "Factory Approved" on the Cheesecake Factory [Cafe, by Kelley Blewster, February 22]. I tend to agree with your "technical findings" describing the food and environment; however, the writer comes off as a pretentious socialite waiting to be fawned over and impressed: "Here was someone-who-should-know recommending we stick with the boring old Original?"

So what you're saying is that people should lie to you just to get you to buy their product, that you don't appreciate a little honesty and candor, and now you have the restaurant manager breathing down the appetizer cook's neck to sell, sell, sell?

Get off your high horse and stick with the facts. If I want attitude I'll read Maxine Mesinger's Nightbeat or whatever.

Other than that, it was a good review and made me want to go back there to eat (again).

Doug Diehl


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