Deano Updates, Around the Clock
I just wanted to thank you for continuing to report on the inside story of the closing of the Houston Post [The Insider, "Stop the Presses," February 22].

My husband was employed at the Post, and needless to say, the closing was very traumatic. It is especially difficult to realize that he and the other employees worked for eight months for basically nothing, just to make sure that one person came out okay. There are a lot of stories about what has happened to former Post employees. Many have landed on their feet, and that is a tribute to the dedication and talent of the people working at that newspaper.

Keep us informed about the activities of Dean Singleton. I really feel sorry for anyone who has the unfortunate opportunity to be employed by him. I enjoy your newspaper; keep up the good work.

Jane Clements
Missouri City

No Way to Treat a Lady
In her review of the film Before and After ["Family Troubles, February 29], Edith Sorenson writes that Meryl Streep plays a "caring and compassionate lady doctor" (emphasis added). Imagine my relief at reading this much-needed clarification! This is exactly the kind of rich detail that makes the Press my first choice for movie reviews.

Unfortunately, we readers are left to our own devices to determine what "brand" of sculptor Liam Neeson portrays. Oh, well -- even Edith Sorenson, lady reviewer, is entitled to her off days.

Mary Ann McKibben Dana

Objection to Objectification
I found your description of Anne-Sophie Mutter ("Yes, she's a babe ... ") to be chauvinist and insulting [Press Picks, February 29]. Mutter is a musician at the top of the field, a world-class violinist. To describe her physical attributes in the way in which your newspaper did objectifies her and therefore degrades her and her work. The same is true for the comment that "Sarah Rothenberg is no slouch in the looks E department either." I am surprised at you for printing such sexist remarks, and hope that in the future your treatment of professional women will be just that E professional.

Alice Rosen

Editor's reply: Lady Thrills editor/film critic Edith Sorenson is an equal opportunity objectifier. Consider her October 1994 review of the now-forgotten classic film The Specialist, wherein she opined that talented professional actor Eric Roberts "has one of the most lickable stomachs in film today." Then there was her review a few months ago of another classic film, Assassins, in which she wrote that the talented professional actor Antonio Banderas "looks hot. And he has better hair. And a better butt" than the talented professional actor Sylvester Stallone. We're trying to break her of this habit, but in the meantime we would like to point out that the line to which you referred reads, in its entirety, "Yes, she's a babe, but Anne-Sophie Mutter is primarily a world-class musician."

Where's My "Rall"?
I was just wondering -- what happened to the comic strip "Rall"? Did you guys decide to stop carrying it, did the author stop drawing it or what? Its replacement, "Brodner," is okay, but it's no "Rall." Please let me know.

Dan Albers

Editor's reply: "Rall" is still in production, but for some reason that escapes me, we decided to replace it with "Brodner" -- at least for a while.


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