Grave Concerns
I implore you to print this response to T.M. Rockwell ["The Ultimate in Sexism," Letters, March 28], whose comments on "Sex and Death on the Restroom Wall" [By Brad Tyer, March 7] could have been more appropriately titled "The Ultimate in Naivete."

I won't dispute the pornographic nature of the said "art," because that is subjective. (Further, I never saw it.) To the charge of sexism, I won't even attempt to respond. It is apparent that you completely missed Dr. Eric Avery's commitment to safety and health, despite the obviously questionable guise.

I work for the city's Health and Human Services Department in HIV/SID Control. Part of my job includes notifying young people of their positive HIV serotest results. Many of these young people are young WOMEN (wake up!). LET ME ASSURE YOU, NONE OF THE MOTHERS OF THESE WOMEN EVER THOUGHT HER CHILD WOULD GET INFECTED WITH HIV. They lived in your Disney World, too, believing that it only happens to anyone BUT their child. Have you considered that virtually every parent feels that he/she is a good parent?

You wrote, "Dr. Avery thinks it is a good thing for a ten-year-old girl to know she can put a condom in herself." Yes. Dr. Avery apparently thinks it is a good thing that a young person knows how to protect herself.

Your grave concern in this matter makes it obvious that you are committed to excellence in parenting. However, you are naive to think that proper parenting alone will prevent sexual activity in ten-year-olds, let alone in 16-year-olds. With your attitude toward sex, do you believe your child would come tell you about having innocently played "doctor" with a neighborhood friend? I suggest you rethink all of this. Your kid's life depends on it. If you're still not convinced, then mosey on over to any convenient location of the Baylor Teen Health Clinic. You'll be amazed how similar those in the waiting room look to the kids on your block.

I have to go now. There are other T.M. Rockwells waiting for their children outside my office door.

Name withheld by request

MENSA Court Martial
As the person responsible for inviting FBI agent Rolando Moss to speak at the Gulf Coast MENSA's January meeting, I must express my outrage, anger and disgust at Vince Maleche and his wife ["Reverse Sting" by Tim Fleck, February 15].

Our monthly meetings are not a forum for revenge by convicted criminals like Maleche. We invite interesting guests in hopes of gaining extra knowledge, not to play spy. Maleche is not representative of the members of MENSA and his actions are an embarrassment to the organization.

I have not yet spoken to Maleche, but when I do, I hope it is before a review board requesting that his membership be revoked. I can only express my sincerest apology to Mr. Moss and hope that he will not hold MENSA responsible for the cruel and malicious actions of Vince Maleche.

Pam Bosse-Hamilton

So the Horse's Name Was Funkadelic?
Regarding Hobart Rowland's review of South by Southwest [Static, March 21]: I think he left too soon! No one said anything about George Clinton's Funkadelic show on Sunday, the day following the Saturday of SXSW, at the Austin Music Hall. It was great! Not because I was there, but because all the people that were at SXSW came in droves to Funkadelic's show! Next time take a little time and review all the music! The Mothership -- that is, with all original members -- will land in The Summit in the near future! But it doesn't surprise me! If a real ship landed, would someone be there to review it? Or maybe they have already landed. The ocean is a desert with its life underground. And as perfect as the sky's above, under the cities lies a heart made of ground, but the humans will give no love! I wish you all peace!

Ameen Abdul-Raheem

Inside HISD
I'm an HISD employee, and the commentary ["School Daze," The Insider, March 28] on the district was no surprise. Many of its employees are well aware that the district is awash with money but is primarily run for the benefit of the administration. The "Taj Mahal" took personnel away from efficient, well-run departments -- the child study department for example -- and parceled them out to the control of 12 "locally responsible" sub-districts while still maintaining the original departments. Each sub-district comes complete with its own superintendent, support staff and "Taj Mahal-ette." The primary function of these Taj Mahal-ettes is to pass on support requests to the original departments, which still maintain final decision authority. If Dr. Paige would close the Taj Mahal-ettes and reassign their personnel to teaching jobs at teachers' salaries, he wouldn't need a bond issue to build more schools. "Just say no" to his bond issue until the report of the state's performance audit is out.

Name withheld by request

Cut that Parking Fee
I'd like to say something in response to the article by Jim Simmon ["Step Up to the Plate. Sucker," March 14]: In the beginning there was baseball and baseball was it. Now there are unions, owners, overpaid players and season-ending strikes. Here in Houston, we seem to have a decent owner, a fairly decent team and, last (but not least), tremendous baseball fans. Real baseball fans. The type of fans who have made multimillionaires out of a whole bunch of otherwise ordinary guys. The type of fans who union, players and owners cared for least when they went on strike. Guys like you and me and our girlfriends.

Now they are threatening to take our baseball team away from us because now they want us back and they want us now! They are saying, "Go out and buy your season ticket and make it to the ballpark this time around or else, you hear?" Well! I have never been able to afford a season ticket myself, and still, there was a time back in the '80s when the Astrodome may as well have been my regular address. Why? Because I like baseball, and of course I'm not the only one. There are more than the 17,000 a day they want in the Dome for this year. A whole lot more! But just why would we go back? They are not doing anything to invite us. The only thing they are offering is the possibility of yet another strike. So why should I spend my hard-earned money over there? Tell you something -- cut the parking-lot fee in half, and I'll go back to the Dome this season, I promise! And I don't think I'd be the only one.

Javier Lara


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