Hotel Dud
Following your story ["Hotel Hell," by Brian Wallstin, January 18], we discover that Wayne Duddlesten will get the contract to build the convention center hotel. And the taxpayers are roped into helping make good on a private venture. Councilman Rob Todd was the main opponent to this deal and should be congratulated for his efforts. Too bad we don't have more like him to stand up for the taxpayer. I'm keeping a file on such deals so I'll remember who to vote for in the next elections.

Jesse R. Brownfield

Even We Wouldn't Say Anything Bad About Barbara Jordan
How dare you malign the memory of Barbara Jordan with Michael Fry's crass cartoon!! ["No Bull," January 25]. Jordan has never been an imitator or impersonator, but a great orator. Your portrayal of her in any other light is unacceptable.

Shari C. Wright

Editor's reply: Aw, c'mon -- Fry's cartoon suggested that Jordan's voice could be mistaken for God's. That's maligning her?

The Case for Judge Henderson
You entirely misstate the case in your cover story "In the Child's Best Interest" [by Bonnie Gangelhoff, January 18]. Judge Bill Henderson was actually being a "good guy." If you had run this story by a family law attorney, you would have known this. Of course, maybe you did, but your job is to sell newspapers.

The judge had few options. Had he let the verdict stand, he would have faced reversal, a "slam dunk" appeal. (And the appeals might have given the children permanently to one of the biological parents). The path the judge chose at least gave temporary custody to the Fittses, and the longer they keep the children, the better chance they have to keep the children. (It is not easy to terminate parental rights in Texas).

Why would the judge be reversed? Because the mother filed for divorce (before adoption proceedings) in Harris County, thus giving a Harris County court exclusive continuing jurisdiction over the children. Therefore, the adoption could not be validly filed and granted in Fort Bend County (the adoption agency knew this and knew to ask the question). And if granted in Fort Bend County, the adoption would be void. (Never mind the notice problems with the father.) By state law, the adoption was invalid, no matter what the jury said. Get it? Despite this, Judge Henderson kept the kids with the parties who seem the most stable. You are barking up the wrong tree in attacking Judge Henderson. Do your research -- you IDIOTS.

Cameron Kay

Editor's reply: I'm concerned that you think it's our job to sell newspapers. The Press, as it states on the cover, is free, so if somebody's charging you, please let us know. (By the way, you're beautiful when you're angry.)


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