Sceaming fro Just a Little Attention
The article on the child support collection business featuring the seemingly corrupt Fred Pfaff was very informative [News, "Trading on Desperation," by Steve McVicker, November 9]. This kind of story is what warns unsuspecting victims like the struggling single mothers and the desperately deprived children of America.

There are many mothers out there who are exhausted with filing and waiting and dealing with all the bureaucratic nonsense of the attorney general's child support division. After much wasted time, and after very little if any results, these women begin to helplessly turn to the wolves like Pfaff. Isn't that a perplexity screaming for attention?

It is a very deplorable thought that people like Pfaff exist to take advantage of women and children in such despair. But what is equally saddening is the manner in which the legal system conducts these matters. This is a problem that affects an enormous percentage of the American population. One would think more productive attention would be contributed to this important issue.

Barbara Marshall

Unfortunately, He's Probably Beyond Annoyance
Thank you so much for the excellent article on U.S. Representative Tom DeLay ["The Exterminator," by Michael Berryhill, November 23]. I'm not sure how much good it will do, but one thing is for sure: it will annoy the honorable congressman to no end. That alone should make Berryhill's hard work worthwhile.

David Logue

Here, Mr. Congressman, You Drink This
Thank you for exposing the radical anti-environmental agenda of Congressman Tom DeLay. What you should also dig deeper into is DeLay's support by oil and chemical companies and how this support is reflected in the environmental travesties DeLay is proposing in Congress.

Apparently DeLay wants to turn back the clock to a septic Houston Ship Channel and vapor- and fume-laden skies. I don't mind DeLay breathing and drinking this stuff, but not me!

Brandt Mannchen

Advice for the Filmlorn
We are two writers who require the help of Joe Leydon and Edith Sorenson.
Actually, one of us requires their help. Andre L. Brackett is an aspiring film critic whose reviews have been seen in many periodicals around Houston. He is a brilliant writer who has an abundant vocabulary and reviews every subject he writes about with sincere objectivity.

The problem is that Mr. Brackett, being a young, budding writer and all, has not seen that many films to make referential points about throughout his criticisms. The movies he has seen have not been regarded as classics.

For example, he has not seen The Godfather trilogy, but he has seen all three Porky's movies. He has not seen Taxi Driver, but he has seen D.C. Cab. He has not seen Raging Bull, but you know those boxing films with Leon Isaac Kennedy? He's seen those. Doctor Zhivago, no. Dr. Strangelove, no. Doctor Detroit, yes!

All of this is making Mr. Brackett's dear friend and professional critic-at-large Craig D. Lindsey -- who has seen nearly all of these films and more -- very frustrated.

This is where Leydon and Sorenson come in. We both consider them to be two of the brightest, smartest, wittiest film critics out there. We would like for them, together or individually, to write up a list of their best top ten films of all time so they could send it to us and/or print it in your publication.

It could help Mr. Brackett build more experience reviewing films -- well, at least films not starring C. Thomas Howell, Lou Diamond Phillips or Shannon Tweed.

We hope to hear a response from you real soon, because Mr. Lindsey believes that in order to be a critic you have to be part essayist and part historian for the art you choose to critique. Mr. Brackett has the essayist part down, but unless you count the entire Rae Dawn Chong film catalog, he needs some help in the historian category. So please help him.

Andre L. Brackett, Craig D. Lindsey

Editor's reply: Obviously, the brilliant Mr. Andre Brackett is on the right track and shouldn't cloud his mind with a lot of moldy referential bullshit and fancy-sounding French words with which to lard his reviews. At the Houston Press, we believe that it is important for any aspiring film critic -- for that matter, any sensitive, caring human being -- to have at least a passing acquaintance with the oeuvre of Leon Isaac Kennedy. (Whatever happened to Jayne Kennedy, by the way?) We're sure Joe Leydon and Edith Sorenson would agree, if we could locate them.

An article in the November 23 issue of the Houston Press on U.S. Representative Tom DeLay ["The Exterminator," by Michael Berryhill], mistakenly indicated that DeLay's congressional district includes the Johnson Space Center.

While DeLay's district does include portions of the Clear Lake area, Johnson Space Center is in the district of U.S. Representative Steve Stockman. The article also incorrectly stated that the drainage water from Dow Chemical's Lake Jackson plant goes into Galveston Bay. It goes into the Gulf of Mexico.


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