Also Known as Tim Fleck...
For several years now, I have enjoyed reading your newspaper and have found no real reason to doubt its accuracy -- until today.
The report by staff writer Tom Fleck [The Insider, December 14] that my name, in bold letters, is David Mosier is most assuredly inaccurate. I have, indeed, thrown my hat into the ring and am seeking the office of judge of the 333rd District Court. But David Mosier is my son.

I am bereft. My hero, Tim Flock, has proven himself to be a mere mortal. Had Tam Fleck simply checked his source, a fax from my wife, he would have correctly spelled my name, and my faith in him would have remained steady. I implore you: send this good man Tim Flunk to a remedial reporting class. It can't take much. He's really good at matching photos with names -- a much more difficult task than extracting names from printed sources.

Bruce (a.k.a. David) Mosier

Nova Scotian Mystery Dynasty
Thank you so much for Bonnie Gangelhoff's wonderful article on the Burns-Standlinslowski nuptials [News, "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About," November 2]. I was about to burst with curiosity and didn't have the nerve to call the detective agency! (I was so dumbfounded reading the Chronicle article, I hadn't noticed the groom received the "Metal of Honor.")

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Marilyn Karr

Anti-Watercolored Memory Rant
The review by Edith Sorenson of Toy Story [Film, "Surface Success," November 30] was reprehensible. She is obviously caught up in such a past that she cannot be objective with new and innovative processes. I also loved the Disney movies of the past, but to compare apples to oranges is not right. Any good reviewer would know not to even try to do this.

I understand that a reviewer's comments on a subject are their own, but I have always felt that a reviewer should be objective. This review was a gross injustice to the film and the rant of a stereotyped mind with no grasp on the realities of today's world. She just could not see through the watercolors of her memory. That is not good for any newspaper, including yours.

Johnny McNeil

Favor to the Taxpayers
In your misguided attempt to canonize Lenwood Johnson ["Lenwood Johnson's Last Stand," by Brian Wallstin, December 14], you missed the real story: why are these welfare bums depending on us poor taxpayers when they are perfectly capable of intelligent thought and work? I don't think Allen Parkway Village should become a shrine to the white people who first lived there, and it has no connection to black or Asian history. It should be a park, if at all possible. As you know, the mayor has to deliver extravagant favors to developers who put him in office. It will be a favor to us taxpayers when the place is torn down.

Ralph Lang

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