No Parking No Solution
I am a resident of the Upper Kirby District and find it deplorable that banning parking on our side streets is the method with which my fellow citizens and Traffic and Transportation Department choose to quell the congestion caused by the new Richmond and Greenbriar bar scene. Instead of thinking realistically of the consequences of their actions, these people are using classic "NIMBY" (Not in my back yard) philosophy to push parking into other areas. As a result of the no parking policy, our huge residential streets will remain an empty waste of urban space and bargoers will be forced to move to other neighborhoods that are less privileged and politically connected.

In typical Houston fashion, urban life is being crushed by the advent of the car culture. People in my neighborhood are pseudo-urbanites who think instead by the suburban mentality and orthodoxy that street parking and pedestrians are bad. I commend Joanna Pasternak for her fight against the no parking policy on our streets [News, "Street Fight," by Brian Wallstin, March 2]. Not only is it an ineffective way to deal with the increase in parking demand, but also it inconveniences us residents who rely on the street for parking.

Our neighborhood is a rare and diverse community that will ultimately benefit from the increased mixed uses of surrounding land. I for one am glad that Shepherd Plaza is finally filling up with tenants after being empty for so long. I am glad that we have an alternative to entertaining ourselves in a huge strip mall off a highway feeder or the cheesy Richmond scene. If you can't take the presence of fellow Houston residents actually using our sidewalks to walk from their parked cars to the bars, then move to a sterile "master planned" community where the streets serve only cars and commercial activity is segregated in one huge, ugly warehouse in a sea of concrete and parking spaces. Don't blame our urban layout for the few acts of irresponsible behavior from intoxicated bar patrons. We should respond to that problem with neighborhood watches and increased police patrolling to deliver swift and effective law enforcement instead of pushing our problems five blocks east.

David Badal

Angry White Journalist?
Your article, "Angry White Male" [News, by Jim Simmon, March 2] was a bunch of crap! I was at the event, and after reading your feeble attempt at journalism, I wondered if you were.

First of all, Ahmad Abdul Latif was not the "only black face in a sea of young white ones." I saw other black and Hispanic people in attendance who were cheering and supporting Senator Gramm. Also, I saw no one dressed in Gap or Banana Republic clothing, but then again, I wasn't there to observe the fashion trends of A&M. I was there to witness history in the making and to show my support for our home state senator as he announced his candidacy for president of the United States. What were you there for? Obviously, you weren't there to report the facts. You probably wrote the article before you even got to College Station.

Another thing, you made the College Republicans look like the KGB! (By the way, they are called College Republicans, not Young Republicans, that's a different organization. You really should check your facts. I guess you're not used to the concept of true journalism.) I commend the A&M CRs for being so organized and prepared. Their job was to show their support for Senator Gramm and to make sure nothing spoiled the historic event, and they did just that.

And finally, I neither saw nor heard anything angry in Senator Gramm's facial expressions or speech. The only anger I sensed was in your article. I, for one, was overjoyed and excited with the whole affair. Maybe the "Angry White Male" you're referring to is you.

Sandra Hernandez

Facts, Facts, Facts
I knew Elyse when she was just a podiatrist's wife (like me). I have followed her through the years in the local newspapers, but Alison Cook's story ["All About Elyse," March 2] was enlightening! No mincing of words (even about an ex-husband) or glossing over of snafus ... just the facts, facts that held my interest to the last word.

My last word -- FOB (Friend of Bill), River Oaks or not, no cigars for my husband! I give you credit, Elyse.

Margie Beegle

Gypsy Seeks Home
Your paper is to be commended on its coverage of local theater [Theater, "Climbing New Heights," by Ann Walton Sieber, February 23]. I am pleased that the Heights Theatre has found such a good director as Ron Jones. As president of The Gypsy Theatre Company, I was also pleased to have my company mentioned in your article about the New Heights Theatre; however, The Gypsy Theatre Company is neither defunct nor in seeming suspended animation.

As the "gypsy" part of our company name implies, our group is a company without a permanent home and must, therefore, rent performance space from other theater companies. Consequently, we often find ourselves at the mercy of many schedules in putting our "season" together. However, we are currently in rehearsal for the first show of our second season. The Gypsy Theatre Company remains committed to bringing theater from slightly off center and is still the only theater company in Houston with a feminist mission statement relating to casting in its charter.

Charlene E. Hudgins
President, The Gypsy Theatre Company

The Houston Press erred in its March 9 edition when it suggested that a Houston woman who owns a construction company had a face-to-face meeting with a sales representative of the television program Inside Houston and was not told about the fee for an appearance on the show until then. The construction company owner spoke only by telephone with a solicitor for the program, who near the end of the conversation stated the cost to be featured on an Inside Houston segment.


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