Bad Billy
The letter by Mavis P. Kelsey Jr. worshipping Billy Burge and his unselfish work to make his perfect bus system [Letters, November 10] is a direct insult to bus riders in Houston.

As a daily bus rider, my experience is that most of Metro's patrons only experience uneven service, surly and rude drivers, buses that don't run on time and no way to receive redress for our treatment.

The unselfish chair eats $1,000 lunches on Metro's nickel. His letters express his disdain for us lowly bus riders. His pay is his power of control for vendors, political favors and the ability to ruin our daily schedules. I would wager that Mr. Kelsey has probably never depended on Metro to get around.

R. Mike Harvey Sr.

Editor's note: While we know Billy Burge has dined out at expensive restaurants on Metro's tab, we don't remember him treating himself to a $1,000 lunch. That's a lot of french fries.

The Hole Thing
Hole reviewer (a.k.a. Butt-head), you give credit to Courtney Love's assumption that Nine Inch Nails fans consist of Beavis and Butt-head types [Pop Moment, "Halloween Hangover," by Brad Tyer, November 10]. After reviewing NIN in great depth, you devoted about three lines of scornful words to Hole's Halloween show. I have nothing against negative reviews even if I disagree with them, but the only coherent statement that you made was about how you looked forward to Courtney Love showing off her "tits." Is that a music review? huh..he..huh..huh.

Jenny Stark

Full of Phrogge
Your article on Phrogge Simons [News, "The Extended Courtship of Phrogge Simons," by Steve McVicker, November 17] is not only slanted, but inaccurate.

For Ms. Simons to attribute the November 8 election results to her efforts is ridiculous. All one has to note is that every Republican candidate won a bench (except one). Phrogge Simons had little to do with a Republican landslide, and for you to allow her to attribute such election results to her efforts is insulting.

Ms. Simons has hardly participated in any kind of hunger strike. All one has to do is walk by the Family Law Center and you will see that she is not only comfortable, but eating quite well, and actually having a very good time. There is a reason why Phrogge Simons is sitting out there, and I assure you that it is more for her own personal adornment than the plight of any litigator in the family courts.

Unless Ms. Simons can show you her Republican voting card and her efforts in the Republican Party to induce a landslide, kindly give her the little credit she justly deserves.

Wendy S. Burgower

Boy Toy
I was startled by the Love/Hate Playmate ad on page 37 of the November 17-23 issue. The ad invites (I guess women, though men of a certain persuasion might want it, too) to dismember this "anatomically correct down to the smallest detail" doll as a means of expressing their unhappiness with a significant other.

After all we've heard from women about pornography promoting violence against women, there can't possibly be a market for such a savage, sexist toy. Or could there be? After all, we are talking about the gender that has stopped ranting about being taken for sexist objects just long enough to run out and buy the in-your-face Wonderbra. No wonder I have these dizzy spells.

Richard Stanley

What the Law Allows
In your October 27, 1994, issue appeared "A Bad Place to Be Tried," by your reporter, Steve McVicker.

Today I have received an outpouring of hate mail from students who, just like many others, are not aware of constraints upon Texas judges.

In the Nicholas case, the defendant exercised his Constitutional right to a jury trial, both on the guilt/innocence phase and in the punishment phase of the trial. At the close of the guilt/innocence phase I prepared a charge containing all the law pertaining to the case. The defense asked for a lesser included offense of criminally negligent homicide, a misdemeanor. Under what I believe to be the current state of the law, even if I completely disagree with the possibility that the facts in the case so warrant, I must give the jury the opportunity to consider every option. If I do not, the entire case may well have to be retried.

The jury had before them a charge containing an application paragraph under which they could have found the defendant guilty of murder, and they had the lesser included of criminally negligent homicide. After lengthy deliberations, they chose the latter. The range of punishment was then limited to up to one year in the Harris County Jail.

Since the defendant had spent more than that amount of time in jail awaiting trial, both the prosecution and the defense agreed to permit me to sentence the defendant to the maximum available under the law - one year.

Thank you for your attention.
Mary Bacon
Judge, 338th District Court

Relative appreciation
Just a thank you for the article on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead [Theater, by Ann Walton Sieber, November 17]. My grandson (Jim Parsons) played Rosencrantz. I enjoyed the show and thought the performers did a fantastic job, but I thought maybe I was biased. Thanks again. We really appreciated it.

Mrs. M.J. Parsons



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