Rice Nice to Press
I was surprised to see in your "Letters to the Editor" section the week of Oct. 6-12 a letter from a gentleman stating that he could no longer find the Houston Press in his Rice Food Market.

Rice Food Markets and Rice Epicurean Markets have always taken particular pride in supporting the Houston Press and all local publications, local manufacturers and distributors whenever possible. Rice has never taken the Houston Press off its newsstands for any reason. And if it was not available to the gentleman that wrote to you, then either the racks were empty or it was not delivered by the Houston Press to that particular store.

Scott Silverman
Specialty Food Buyer, Rice Food Markets

Remember the Libertarians
Your September 29 article "Son of Lindsay ... Son of Driscoll" [by Tim Fleck] is apparently intended to shed light on the Harris County Judge race, but any substantive discussion should include all the candidates.

Libertarian candidate W. Sanford "Sam" Smith doesn't have a long political pedigree, and I would begrudgingly accept less coverage, but to not even mention Sam in passing is unconscionable.

Sam Smith is a family man who is making a personal sacrifice to be the "citizen-politician" that so many people say they want to run for office. His position on the issues is in direct contrast to both Eckels and Ryan in that he doesn't want to argue about how to spend tax money, but rather wants to work to make county government smaller so that we can afford to take care of ourselves instead of relying on the government to provide services.

Libertarians must work diligently to maintain ballot status, and one of the reasons is that we are constantly slighted by the press for not being "serious" candidates. Yet time and again, Libertarian ideas have helped shape the political races by challenging the contenders to really justify their positions. Voters are mad and looking for a change. Why not give space to a candidate who has something different of real substance to say?

Marie Angell
Media Coordinator
Harris County Libertarian Party

Film Comments
Without taking anything away from Meryl Streep (or Peter Szatmary) [Film, "Streep in the Wild," September 29], Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 still holds the title of Toughest Mom in an action movie.

I also want to thank Edith "gang rape" Sorenson for saving "gang rape" me the price of "gang rape" admission to The Shawshank Redemption.

R.T. Castleberry

More CURB Questions
To add another note to the CURB mess ["Hammerin' Helen," by Brian Wallstin, August 25], one should observe that the disabled community is ill-served by this city ordinance.

In [my] conversations with Bea Link about selected enforcement of the CURB ordinance as a punitive measure against the disabled, Ms. Link took the position that this was good. Nowhere was new housing mentioned.

Your story "Son of Lindsay ... Son of Driscoll" [September 29] touches on mental health issues also.

Judge Lindsay supported a long due mental hospital in Houston, battling City Councilman Anthony Hall, who tried very hard to deny this hospital, and now we don't have to drive 200 miles for help. He has supported county funding for mental health for years.

Vince Ryan is so sensitive to mental health issues that he single-handedly kept the proposed Montrose Drop-In Center from opening. He said he did so because he said he was protecting mental patients from the mean old bad neighborhood. Meanwhile, mental health consumers wander the streets.

Politics make strange bedfellows and the current crop of politicians will always shaft the disabled. It's almost a pox on all of you.

R. Mike Harvey Sr.

Some Bull
The "No Bull" cartoon by Michael Fry in the September 29 issue of the Houston Press appears to be somewhat unbalanced. I really see no harm in poking a little fun at both Ann Richards and George Bush Jr. regarding their hunting "prowess." However, Governor Ann Richards in real life hit nothing and of course we all know what Bush hit.

My problem with this cartoon is the caption at the top: "Arrogance Thy Name Is Richards." Whatever does that mean? It appears that only one candidate has been singled out for this epithet! Could it possibly be incipient sexism at work?

Please Mr. Fry, let's be a tad more sensitive.
Mary Stettner

More Bull
The cartoon, "No Bull," by Michael Fry in the September 29 issue of the Houston Press seems to be in the tradition of present day journalism. That is, it is symbolically inaccurate. The governor did not even fire her gun during "the hunt." In the second place the caption at the top of the cartoon says, "Arrogance thy name is Richards."

Sure, it is okay to make fun of a couple of politicians running for office, but the arbitrary caption at the top seems to single Governor Richards out alone. Why not use both their names?

It seems just a bit sexist to me to make Richards the brunt of that statement. Again I am afraid the woman gets the extra dig ... just because she is a woman. Shame on you, Mr. Fry. Where is your sensitivity?

Eleanor Hanley

Editor's note: Last time we looked, Ann Richards was still governor, and therefore fair game for being singled out for criticism and/or satirical abuse, just like George W. Bush. And maybe she got the "extra dig" because she is the governor, or because Michael Fry expects more out of her than some sorry campaign photo-op gimmick. Whichever the case, she's not immune simply because she's a woman.


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