Nose Job?
Upon rereading your issue of the Best of Houston [September 22], I noticed that in the music store selection, you've slammed some of your music store advertisers. I just can't believe how polarizing that must be from their point of view. What makes this city so vibrant is the choice of music selection. Individualists have made this city what it is and to have a progressive publication like yours do something as stupid as shunning paying advertisers is like cutting your nose off to spite your face!

Jessica Stacey

Editor's note: While we don't quite agree with Ms. Stacey's assessment of our Best Of comments as "slamming," we would like to point out that at the Press we believe strongly in the separation of editorial and advertising. We would never say anything good -- or bad -- about a person, place or business just because they did, or didn't, advertise with us. What you read is what we, the editorial staff, think. The thoughts might be dumb, but they're ours.

Cash or Crisis
The Mental Health Association would like to thank you for the article on the public mental health crisis system in Harris County [News, "Psychotic Reaction," by D.J. Wilson, October 6]. Many people have suffered and continue to suffer because of the lack of crisis beds. Hopefully, your documentation of the crisis in crisis care will help mobilize the community.

Even though state agencies have been given instructions not to ask for budget increases, MHA will be advocating for equal access funding so we can improve crisis care and mental health services in Harris County. The situation you described in your article could become even worse if additional funds are not allocated to this community during the next biennium.

Herb Bateman
Director of Advocacy
Mental Health Association of Houston & Harris County

Turkey Tips
In your October 13 issue Alison Cook stated she cannot find a good turkey burger [Cafe, "Burger Heaven, Burger Hell"]. She obviously hasn't been to Ernie's on Banks. They have the best turkey burger I've ever tasted.

I am not especially fond of turkey burgers, but these are great. Especially with jalapeno cream cheese. A little messy, but great.

James Noblitt

And Burger Notes
Alison Cook's recent article, "Burger Heaven, Burger Hell" [October 13] was a delightful, witty piece. One result of the best-of-the-burgers review (though probably not intended) was to give me -- a vegetarian -- new leads on places to get veggie burgers. Alison may want to check out my favorite place for veggie (and animal) burgers: Southwell's Hamburger and Grill at 5860 San Felipe.

Lorelei de la Reza

Bug Mama
I would like to take issue with R.T. Castleberry [Letters, October 20] regarding pistol packin' mamas of the movies. Linda may have been a "hardbodied" dream of the thirtysomething generation, and Meryl a blond lover's dream team of feminine capabilities. But don't forget Sigourney Weaver's stellar performances in the Alien series.

Weaver's character was a mom too, and she has been my personal "Higher Power" for some eight years. Besides, Ripley (Weaver's Alien character) was the bona fide first intergalactic heroine in main movieola.

Best of all, Ripley battled a big bug, thereby busting the stereotypic female fear of bugs.

Holly Glen Gearhart

Bouquets for Billy
Billy Burge and many like him contribute their time, talent and energy to our city for no compensation whatsoever.

It is obvious that he speaks more candidly than a seasoned politician, and he uses his powerful network of friends to make good things happen for Metro and the city. So, your reporter implies his service is somehow improper or selfishly motivated ["Little Big Crony," by Brian Wallstin, October 20].

Our freeways and HOV lanes are improved and our streets are safer. Our bus system has never worked better. Our current operations and plans for the future receive high praise on a national basis. For the first time, Metro is well-coordinated and respected by the county, the Texas Department of Transportation, Austin and Washington.

The city of Houston is very fortunate to have a dedicated, sophisticated and successful businessman as our chairman of Metro, and you should be thanking Billy Burge for his good work.

Mavis P. Kelsey Jr.

Pulp Fiction, Yes!
Tell that movie critic loser David Theis I said to go fuck himself for giving the movie Pulp Fiction a "roadkill" rating ["Pulped Fiction," October 13]. That, as well as Reservoir Dogs, is one of the best movies made in years.

Travolta, Jackson, Uma and even Bruce Willis were great. Quentin Tarantino's writing and direction is awesome. His cameo is funny too! Is Theis like one of those constipated assholes that sits in Rush Limbaugh's audience? He must be, considering some of the crap he thinks is "dynamite." To those of you out there who didn't see this flick, don't listen to this jerk. The movie is immensely entertaining. What a dick!!!

Larry Tighe

Pulp Fiction, No!
I was delighted to see that the Houston Press gave Pulp Fiction a roadkill rating ["Pulped Fiction," October 13] despite claims of brilliance by other reviewers. Some friends and I sat and watched this profane movie hoping it would get better, while others got up and left.

Yes, I know these people exist, but who cares? Please congratulate the reviewer, who had the insight to see this movie for what it really is -- rubbish. Huzzahs to you all!!!

Anne Paget



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