Melissa Matters
In regards to Brad Tyer's article "Flop Like an Eagle" [Pop Moment, July 14], I wonder why he failed to mention Grammy winning Melissa Etheridge, who was the opening act for the Eagles concert?

I know several people who paid the $85 ticket price, and then left after her abbreviated set. While I'm an Eagles fan also, the enticement that got me to pay the $50 for a ticket was that Melissa was opening the show!

I think Melissa Etheridge's act deserved a review in the Houston Press. The Houston Chronicle ignored her completely also.

As far as I'm concerned, the screens on either side of the stage should have been operational when she was on -- but they only turned them on when the Eagles played, and if it had not been for the generosity of the guy in front of me with his binoculars, we would not have been able to see her.

She can rock -- and now if she could just get some air time and some reviews and a show of her own again. Maybe like she says, "Wake me up in 2001!"

Trish Connolly

Prayers for Everybody
I must commend your cartoonist, Michael Fry, for his "No Bull" cartoon of the June 30 edition, and the publishers and editors who brought to our attention a situation not only in the sports field, but becoming very common in the workplace -- workers adjusting their breaks, lunch and rest periods to permit people to pray to Allah, while at the same time my children cannot pray in school! Yet we both pray to the same God, based on the Old Testament, but they call him Allah and we call him God,.

Put the same Ten Commandments back into our homes, schools and workplaces, and many of our adverse problems will come to a halt. Then just watch our country turn around to the safe, happy place we enjoyed for so many years.

Jacques Von Wunsch
Sugar Land

Epic Response
I wrote the following poem, "Global Muse," in reaction to "Trashing Houston" [by D.J. Wilson,April 14]:

Bolstering a heavyweight view / of the bayou / through the ceremonious mist / of its trees / are the incantations / of its league composites shouting, / pollution is mussing / my dresses! / Oh, that waste reduction / should outweigh / weight reduction, / and that the receding waists / of the populous / would result in a clean air / metropolis, only occurred / to a few. / If intelligence switched seats / with vanity, / the hazards might flee / from humanity, too.

But we abrogate / and incinerate, / recite the ABCs of PCBs, / inject wells / or ship to Hell / our lode of "contaminated media." / All the while / we are beguiled to believe / in the institutions / of capitalism, corporation / and non-restitution / of our deeds / in lieu of the need / for total recantation.

Gwen Gose



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