What a Coincidence!
An article in your July 21 edition characterized the Galleria shopping center as a place where bicycles are not welcome [News, "Roads to Nowhere," by Steve McVicker]. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct that misconception. Bicyclists are always welcome at the Galleria.

In anticipation of increased bicycle traffic, we have installed bicycle racks in centrally located parking lots serving Galleria I, II and III. These racks are all located on street level, for both the safety and convenience of cycling customers. The Galleria's bicycle racks were ordered, but not installed, at the time your article was published. As a result, we missed an opportunity to make cyclists aware that they are available. Any help you can give us to get the word out about these facilities is appreciated.

Scott P. Murray
General Manager, The Galleria

Love Those Luddites
I am a Polish artist living and working in Houston for the last six years. I read your great article, "The Watchmen of the Electronic Frontier" [by Edith Sorenson, July 21], and I realized that I am not a lone opponent of the cyber movement.

To me, cyberspace is not only a wave of the social control, but also a form of social harassment. I realize that computerization of a world is a profitable business, and that it can bring a few advantages for a human race, but only in limited time. Most of the people in America do not really know what computers can do, and what cyberspace is really all about.

You wrote "...What science fiction didn't herald was what we have now ...," and I agree with you, and also I think that this is just the beginning of the beginning. We are still living in an "unmatured" wave of the Computer Era. But I am really aware of advanced cyberspace, cyberpunk and, finally, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) movement.

I think that legal precedents must be established, same as they were for genetic recombination experiments. Almost a year ago, I went to an art critique at the University of Houston to make a presentation of my work. At the beginning of the meeting, I asked everyone present to put a scan label on their foreheads. Two hours later, when the time for my speech came, I said that my presentation is about the invasion of humanity by AI.

Most of the people present did not feel good that I put them in that position: a position of prisoner of AI. To create a new culture based on Internet, cyberpunk and AI area, we must start a new civilization, the last one on this planet. Cyberpunk wave, as a fusion of a human with machine, is a de-evolution of the human race.

I am not a fundamentalist, but because of advanced chemio-technology, I already cannot breathe fresh air. The ozone-layer hole is getting bigger and cosmic radiation is going to make cancer eat all global populations before medicine gets to help it, if ever.

Mark Spiewak

Silence, Please
This letter is in response to Jacques Von Wunsch's letter ["Prayers for Everybody", July 28].

Mr. Von Wunsch, please be quiet. Your children are free to pray where and when they so choose. May I suggest you teach them the simple skill of silent prayer.

It is as simple as thinking to one's self. This method will allow your children the prayer you desire without controversy. Try it. No one can stop you or your children.

Just think, prayer in school, every day. It is not necessary to affirm your particular faith by forcing others to listen to it or participate in it against their will. Wise up and keep your mouth shut.

Cole Schweikhardt


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