No Truck with Tilman
After reading "Food Fight" by Alison Cook [June 30], I am more inclined to dine at a Pappas before I dine at a "Fertitta's." If none of the "original seven" of the Landrys own "a big house in Memorial," "two Mercedes" or their "own jet," I am sure that wherever they reside, they can sleep comfortably in their own skin. He who owns the most toys in the end does not win; you can't take it with you. Respect cannot be bought or won in a courtroom; it has to be earned.

S. Gonzales

Nothing Cute About Addiction
Not long ago, you featured a review of the movie When a Man Loves a Woman ["Drunk, But Not Disorderly," by Peter Szatmary, May 12]. Having seen the film last night, I found myself remembering that it was expressed in the review that Meg Ryan is too cute to be an alcoholic.

Oh really?
What a great concept. Cute people are exempt from substance abuse. Damn, I wish I'd been aware of that when I was in a treatment center. I could have passed that information on to my roommate there, a 12-year-old girl trying to come clean after three years of heavy cocaine use. I'm sure she would have been happy to skip the entire experience based on her looks.

I highly recommend the movie to anyone who has been there or been close to someone who has. I think you'll catch glimpses of yourself in Ryan's character and in those of the supporting cast. If you haven't had any experience with addiction and, like the reviewer, leave the theater thinking she's too cute to be an alcoholic, perhaps it's time to revise your image of those of us whose lives are touched by addiction.

Name Withheld

KLOL: Listen to Your Listeners
In your June 9 edition of the Houston Press, one particular article swept my attention. It was in reference to Donna McKenzie and her exit from KLOL/101 FM [Pop Moment, "Deep-Sixed at 101," by Brad Tyer]. While reading the article, I became distraught, as it implied that Ms. McKenzie was not offering the type of format that was appealing to the KLOL management and "listeners" during that time slot. I can't speak for the KLOL management, but why not ask the listeners? She is the only DJ "unconditionally supporting" Texas music and the Texas musicians who struggle to be heard!

Until Ms. McKenzie and her "Made in Texas" at KZFX/107.5 FM and then her move to KLOL, no one gave us music from our artists here. She opened the door to the radio airwaves. Other DJs and stations give us the same artists with the same predictable songs time and time again. She didn't jump on the bandwagon, selling out for the sake of being a big-name personality on the radio. She did it for the artist, the music and the listeners, and her "ratings" were still good.

So where is our "Rock and Roll Mama"? We want her and her show back on Houston airwaves. I am sorry KLOL's lack of communication with their listeners has now caused us such a great loss, and now once again we turn our dial.

Tinna C. Powell

Kay's No Credit to Her Sex
Thank you for the revealing story on Kay Bailey Hutchison ["The Case Against Kay," June 23, by Miriam Rozen]. Looks like political chicanery is not confined to one gender. I'm ashamed she's representing me.

Marilynn S. Thibodaux


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