Aggie Art Astounding
The cover drawing for "Aggie Alchemy" [April 7] was the best I've ever seen on the Press, which I've read pretty regularly for three years now. Cleverly conceived, deftly done and sharply funny, it captures exactly the content and tone of the article. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to artist Buddy Hickerson and have him do many more.

Brian Wallstin's article was well-done too, if close to unbelievable. I'm not an Aggie-basher, but crumps, I tot dese guys wuz edjicated.

J.K. Hillstrom

Rednecks Can't Research
Texas A&M is not one of the "country's finest research institutions" ["Aggie Alchemy"]. It is a regional school popular with local rednecks, but virtually unknown outside of Texas.

It should not shock anyone that a con-artist was able to dupe a hick "school" best known for football, pickup trucks, guns and bigotry.

Name Withheld

Don't Call Alison; She'll Call You
I'm frequently flattered by friends who think I'm Alison Cook! We have many of the same tastes and ideas about food and Houston restaurants. To read her superb prose every Wednesday is a rare treat. This lady can write!

If Alison ever needs a dinner companion, I'm available.
John A. Cary

Summer Push-ups Widespread?
This letter is to call to your attention
an error printed in the Houston Press. In "Post Office Push-ups" [News, by Alex Hecht, April 7], you committed a faux pas. You stated that "Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is the only Houston-area school district that offers PE during summer school." I can facilely belie this because in the district in which I reside, Alief, PE is given in the summer. Simply another bitch.

Elson Thomas

Shut Up and Start Sweating
Come on, is one more semester of gym class really going to ruin a kid's life? ["Post Office Push-ups"] If Erin Yarbrough is attending Texas A&M, then she must have taken physical education courses there -- you had to have four semesters' worth to graduate when I was at A&M during the mid-eighties. The most disturbing part of this silly dust-up is the fact that students are actually cheating on something as easy as physical education. Makes you wonder in what other classes they're cheating.

Lee Sullivan

Toon Tells Own Tales
When I bought my place in the development now fondly referred to as Toon Town, I never imagined it would qualify for front-cover news in Houston's foremost alternative weekly ["Tales of Toon Town," by Brad Tyer, March 3]. I should have, though, since it is probably the most creative street in Grimes County, Texas, and possibly the world. Brad Tyer has managed to capture a part of why we love our neighborhood and communicated that to the world. That's more than most of us have ever been able to do. I sent a copy straightaway to my parents so they could finally get a window into my life as a Toon.

Cindy Wexler



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