Lip-Sync Reporting
I've found the source of my problem with Alex Hecht's report on the possibilities for a new domed stadium ["Wanna Buy a RoboDome?," January 27]. To wit:

"...other sources say..."
"...says a source close to the dome negotiations..."
"...says a local NFL writer..."
"...says a current Rockets employee..."
"...says a local politician..."
"...an ex-Rockets management source says..."
"...according to an informed source..."
"...says an ex-Rockets employee..."
"...according to a current Rockets insider..."
"...a source close to Kenneth Schnitzer..."
"...a source in (Bob Lanier's) office says..."
"...sources claim that (Bud) Adams and (Leslie) Alexander..."
"...one source close to the Schnitzer group..."
"...a source close to the negotiations..."
"...adds another Rockets employee..."
"...explains a prominent local businessman..."

There haven't been this many people off the record since the Milli Vanilli album.

Sean Horrigan

Masterplotz Theatre
Regarding "Loopy Lucia" [Opera, by Howard Pollack, February 3]: Come, come, Mr. Pollack. You know very well that most people who enjoy opera do not attend because of the storyline, but for the music. And the music of this Lucia was exquisite, as you noted. Music-lovers should not be teased or discouraged from attending the opera because of a weak plot.

Joy Mulholland

My Compliments to the Cook
For prose quality, nobody else in the paper comes close to Alison Cook, the restaurant reviewer. I've been reading her in various venues for ten years and have often been amazed at her deadly accuracy and good humor. Would that your feature writers and other critics could do so well.

Peter Johnston

On the Other Noodle
I am writing in response to the Semolina restaurant review by Alison Cook ["Lotsa Pasta," February 3]. While she is entitled to her opinions (some of which were favorable), I am taking this opportunity to point out a few things that were incorrect or inconsistent.

First, there are only two franchise companies involved with Semolina. They are a tight-knit group of friends with the original owners and not a big corporation that has come along and bought a block of franchise rights.

Second, Ms. Cook is inaccurate in her belief that there is a difference in the food between the original New Orleans restaurants and the franchise in Houston. They are exactly the same, and the original owners and the franchises go to great lengths to keep it that way.

Semolina is not intended to be a La Griglia or Grotto. It is, however, a restaurant that serves larger portions of reasonably priced, gourmet-style pasta dishes in a fun, casual atmosphere.

Ms. Cook did seem to change her mind about the restaurant about six paragraphs into the review. Perhaps next time she will include these favorable comments, and others, in the beginning instead of waiting to tell us that the pad Thai may well be "the best in the city."

Gina Tamburine
The 1815 Group (public relations)


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