What This County Needs Is More Pregnant Teenagers
It was very nice to see your article "See No Evil, Teach No Evil" [News and Features, by Bernadette Gillece, January 6] presented in a very balanced manner.
What was portrayed in the article was a group of people trying to change something that obviously does not work. Your article states that LCISD has a sex-education program in place. Perhaps if they were to work harder they could get 100 percent of the students sexually active and lead the state in teen pregnancies.

Why shouldn't the schools become a source of moral and ethical leadership for our children? Why not raise expectations, practice self-restraint and accept responsibility for one's actions? What is inherently wrong with any of these principles? I hope that LCISD gets its way and that it does really work.

Chris Vaughan

Oh Brad, so Brad
I failed to see the humor in Brad Tyer's article "Rock Death in 1993" [Pop Music, December 30]. I thought it was morbid and disgusting to rate people by their deaths. There was nothing cool about River Phoenix's overdosing or Frank Zappa's succumbing to cancer.

N. LeDoux

While spending the holiday season with my Texas in-laws, I came across your "Rock Death in 1993" article. Now, I realize that recent demographic data portending Texas's rapidly approaching displacement of New York in population rank has people a little giddy with state pride. Nevertheless, I can see no good reason for you to have omitted the '93 departure of New York-based G.G. Allin from your chart of rock dead, especially given the assessment criteria you used in the list. Allin's maniacal antics in life and death surely earn him a place on your list, with a tally well above that of River Phoenix, I'd reckon.

Richard Kearney
New Jersey

I loved Brad Tyer's review of the club scene on Richmond ["On the Edge in Edge City," December 30]. But, Brad, since when is Hillcroft north of Chimney Rock? Also, to "self-designate oneself" is redundant.

Patricia Kelley


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