Clearing Out

Another strip mall: Great article ["Draining the Swamp," by Josh Harkinson, January 13]!

What little remains of the natural beauty in this area is rapidly being bulldozed.

In my backyard, literally, destruction of mature pecans and the draining of a swamp is occurring in Fort Bend County along Highway 6 in Sugar Land and Missouri City.

Hundreds of American robins, cardinals, ducks and finches are being driven from their trees right behind my house. This destruction is just to "clear " the land prior to it being sold. Frankly, there is little additional need for retail or commercial development.

Is there someone I can contact to have this madness stopped? We don't need any more shopping centers and public storage facilities on Highway 6.

Dan Luce

Back to the Classics

Listen up, Clear Channel: The 790 AM item [Hair Balls, "Let Them All Talk," January 6] was informative, but it forgot to mention one thing: That station replaced one of the best classic music stations playing the timeless music of the '30s through the '60s. I learned more in one hour from those DJs about the music they were playing than you could possibly learn in a year from shock jocks and other so-called DJs. That is, unless you count guessing what brand of underwear they're wearing or some other mindless ramble that is sadly mistaken for professionalism.

Sure, they had advertisements geared for the retirement crowd, but the knowledge and professionalism of the DJs was second to none. Every day they highlighted the top hits of a particular year gone by. Before you know where you're going, you must know where you've been. This station showcased where we've been musically. I hope somebody at Clear Channel soon realizes that many of the elderly don't have computers and don't make time to take part in computer and phone polls.

That music was filling a great need. I hope someone will wake up and let the classic music play again. The listeners are out there. Is anybody listening? Can you hear me now?

Larry J. Miggins

Unloading on the NRA

Trigger fingers: It was interesting to read the article about the Pink Pistols group ["In the Pink," by Mosi Secret, January 6].

I am disappointed by the intolerant view of the members that NRA members are Bubbas. Indeed.

I am chief instructor of the Portland Rifle and Pistol Club (sorry, no Web site), and one of my best students is the founder of the Portland chapter of Pink Pistols.

May I respectfully suggest that your writer and photographer take a firearm safety class? There is no reason for a person to have her finger on the trigger as shown in the photo that accompanied your article. A class might increase your awareness of potentially deadly situations.

Leigh Maynard
Portland, Oregon

Creole Carp

Cajun confusion: The food sounds great at Cajun Town Cafe, and because the owner was trained at Pappadeaux, I'm sure it's fabulous ["Cajun, Twice Removed," by Robb Walsh, January 13]. But I can assure you what it isn't, and that's anywhere near Cajun. It's Creole. Good Creole, but Creole nonetheless.

Example: Red beans and rice, not Cajun, comes directly from New Orleans. It's Creole. Putting étouffée over dirty rice, this will never happen in a true Cajun restaurant. Unfortunately, people tend to think that New Orleans is Cajun. Nope, it's Creole, Italian, Greek, etc. There may be four actual Cajuns in New Orleans, and they all hunt and drink together. Cajun, my friend, is the Lafayette Parish area. How do I know this? I'm Cajun.

I'm from Maurice, Louisiana, and I totally grew up in the culture -- and I cook. If you want some real Cajun cooking, head down I-10 East and go to Lafayette. Eat at Do's, Vermillionville or T-Coon's, then come back and write about Cajun cooking, or, better yet, go to Maurice and stop at Soops Family Restaurant.

I moved to Galveston in July after living in Houston for 27 years, but my family still resides in the Maurice/Lafayette area. When I want good authentic Cajun cooking, I stay home and cook.

Not only am I Cajun and a cook, I'm also a traveling comedian, a.k.a. the Cajun Queen. I don't blame you; most people really don't know the difference, but we do, and it doesn't make us happy. Neither the Cajuns nor the Creoles enjoy the confusion.

Caroline A. Picard

No Respect

Buckley deserves better: I don't know if I've ever read a more disrespectful article in my life ["Die, Jeff Buckley, Die!" by Rob Harvilla, November 4]. While I'm a fan of Jeff Buckley, I can understand the point you were trying to make. It was the cocky and heartless fashion in which you did it that makes you look like an idiot.

What the hell is wrong with you for writing that headline? The man made music, people like it, and they buy it. To write an article like that about anyone who has passed away is wrong. You try to make a joke out of the life and death of someone -- that's disgusting.


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