Bayousphere Dancing dreams: Pedro and Ines Duerra cut a rug to the Latin sounds of Orlando Sanchez's Election Night party at the Rice Hotel.
Bayousphere Dancing dreams: Pedro and Ines Duerra cut a rug to the Latin sounds of Orlando Sanchez's Election Night party at the Rice Hotel.
Deron Neblett

Letters, November 29

Piety or Pac-Man

Hollow Heidi? I read with interest your article about Heidi and her newfound religion ["No Veiled Threats," by Jennifer Mathieu, November 15]. It seems that following the rules of high school, learning to play a musical instrument and later learning to dance were challenges that she could not manage. But alas, she finds a religion that has rules that she can follow, and of course interpreted to mean what she wants them to. Now she can pursue life to its fullest meaning.

Please, what hogwash! Most kindergarten teachers provide the basic rules that will allow one to see Allah or God or whomever: Be nice, say please and thank you, don't hit, bite or spit, etc., etc.

Has Heidi ever considered how her children feel about having their mother wander around looking like a Pac-Man character?

Heidi doesn't need a stage, as she is now able to draw attention to herself with a black sack over her head and body. No, she is probably not a terrorist, but she is the epitome of someone the Taliban would recruit: a convert with a pious and fervent religiosity.

William Mack

View of the veil: I'm a student at Rice University and just wanted to thank you for your fair, intelligent portrayal of Muslim women and Islam in general. I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the good work.

Ammar Ahmed

Clearing away the ignorance: I am a Muslim, and I just want to show my gratitude and appreciation for your very well written article, which portrays us in the correct light that the veil was intended for. You have done your share in helping clear the ignorance of people, and have done your part in helping unite all Americans, regardless of race, color, ethnicity or religion.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Mohamad Ghuneim

At Any Rate

Stop the dropouts: I definitely agree with the article by Margaret Downing ["But Who's Counting?" October 18]. The Texas Education Agency ought to have their hands slapped and their paychecks cut until they jump on the school boards to show the correct figures, and the schools show an increase in the return of students who had dropped out.

Is it the teachers, the subjects or something else that is causing them to drop out and never come back? There are an alarming number of ex-students who are out there working, or unemployed, or on drugs or in jail, etc.

There needs to be something done now! I wish that politicians and a lot more people would rise up in arms about the school districts' fantasy figures and be more involved in keeping the kids in school.

Name withheld by request

Bell View

Condemning Chris: How can you say that Chris Bell's political career is just beginning [The Insider, by Tim Fleck, November 15]? Local pundits have done him great personal harm by explaining how he was "squeezed out," as they try to somehow intellectualize the fact that he got blown out.

Now, I hope he is just temporarily in shock or denial with regard to this Congress thing.

Look, I like the guy. I really do. But I don't think he can manage (or lead) his way out of a damp paper bag. And he was very stubborn about some very bad decisions.

Getting elected is about passion and flexibility. He exhibited neither.

He'll have to bend over for Lee P. Brown (not the kind of flexibility to which I previously referred) in a very self-demeaning way to ever see any future Dem dollars. And the complexion of District 25 has changed significantly.

He's not electable. So don't encourage him.

Mark Sterling

Ad On

Location, location…: Why didn't you put in the address for the Art Car Museum ["Quirky Yes, Al Qaeda No," by Jennifer Mathieu, November 15] for a little free advertising?

John Bonner

Editor's note: 140 Heights Boulevard.


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