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Story SoReal

On the Matt: I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your recent article on HoustonSoReal's Matt Sonzala ["Party Boy," by Keith Plocek, September 28]. I always check out his blog entries and am continually amazed at his drive and his dedication to the local music scene. While I may not agree with his comments on the local rock music scene ("sub-par"?), there's no doubt that he does more for Houston hip-hop than anyone. Here's hoping he finds continued success...Thanks for spreading the word.

David A. Cobb
Houston Calling
www.donewaiting .com/houston



Take a Stand

Sue the doctor: Concerning the tragedy with Lisa Collins and her beautiful little baby Chase ["Baby Blues," by Todd Spivak, September 14], she must sue the doctor who prescribed Paxil to her while she was pregnant. If Collins doesn't take a stand against the injustice against her child, she will regret it for the rest of her life and then she and her boy will become truly depressed and catatonic. They would be both dismissed as having obsessions or chemical imbalances, and the real story of what happened would forever be erased. She must sue because it is the only way to have a true record of what really happened. She was betrayed! Collins must never ever let anyone shame her or make her feel bad for taking a stand.

I had a similar experience with my child and an incompetent doctor. The doctors who repaired my child protected each other, and they all profited from the first doctor's mistake. We were shamed into not filing lawsuits because it was not nice. We suffered depression because of it, and our real pain and story was covered up, pushed under the rug.

We were all brought up to listen to the doctor. Until it happens to you, you don't want to believe that the truth is, the medical profession has become more about business and a quick, superficial fix than about healing.

Lisa Collins must hold her head up high. She is doing the right thing, the only thing to protect her child. Perhaps she and her courageous stand will help this world be a more honest place, one where we can actually trust the doctor.

The advertisements on TV and magazines about depression are like swallowing a lie. You see people who have perfect lives being so sad, but where are the people who only get depressed after living a life that is like hell on earth? Where is the truth?

Anne Reese Hernandez


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