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Credit is due: I appreciate your acknowledgement of the Old Jeff Davis Hospital renovation [Best Renovation, Elder Street Artist Lofts, Best of Houston 2006]. However, it is a bit misleading. The location of the building is along the periphery of the First Ward, not the Sixth Ward. First Ward is a little-known community that has a lot of historical significance to Houston. First Ward Community members and Avenue Community Development Corp., a nonprofit who has been actively revitalizing First Ward, were the ones who originated the project and were able to acquire the building from Harris County. Artspace was brought in as a development partner later on in the process. Artspace added a lot to the project; however, it is essential that all the players in this project be acknowledged, as it was the first of its kind in Houston.

Tamra Pierce



Good choice: I was delighted to see Loralei Zwitt win Best Dog Trainer. My husband and I have two dogs, each weighing about 50 pounds at six months, which have been through her basic obedience program and have started on the intermediate. Before they attended, walking these little buffaloes with my bad back felt like something out of the torture scene in Braveheart, and we won't even go into being jumped on at the door. We're not quite to the always-relaxed-on-leash stage yet and still have some crazy moments, but my tears of frustration (and pain!) have lessened considerably. With Zwitt's expert progressive guidance and much homework, I know my dogs will become a joy to have as companions.

Meade Bernard

Belgian fries: Great to read the Best of Houston issue. As a regular of Caf Montrose, recipient of the Best French Fries award, I would like to note that any waiter or waitress at the establishment will drive home the fact that the fries are Belgian and not French. I do agree that they are the best fries in Houston -- just wanted to set the record straight.

Whitney McPhail

Bad influence: I was quite disappointed to see the initial choice for best hole (your mother) in the Best of Houston issue [Best Hole, James Turrell Skyspace]. In this day and age misogyny is running rampant, from the simple and seemingly harmless sophomoric humor the Houston Press engaged in on one end of the spectrum, to the killing and raping of women on the other. Engaging in any form of misogyny gives credence to all forms of misogyny. Please use your influence intelligently.


Kickin' It with Kinky

Great article: I was there ["Waiting for Friedman," Been There, Done That, by Steven Devadanam, October 5]. It's exciting to be close to someone that could very well change the way we are living now. As a supporter of Kinky Friedman's, I was also talking to those who came with open minds to hear some answers from the man himself. Kinky always stays till the last question is answered. It was an accurately reported piece, from where I sat on the front row, behind the guy in the motorized wheelchair.

Peg Luther

Good to Be King

Right on Ramadan: I just finished reading your delightful review of Afghan Tandoori King ["Dates and Camels," by Robb Walsh, October 5]. I am a Muslim who moved to Houston fairly recently, and not only was it nice to hear about yet another (culturally) Muslim restaurant, but I really liked your respectful and accurate explanation of Ramadan. Many articles online that contain the key word "Ramadan" that are written by non-Muslims are...eh...derogatory, to say the least. Anyway, there was just one small factual error I found in the article. In it, you stated that the fast started at around 7:11 a.m. on the first day of Ramadan. Actually, that's sunrise. Fasting starts at dawn, which on that day was around 5:50 a.m. Woohoo! I'm glad I don't smoke...

Gretchen Almoughraby

Back in blacktopGYPSY

Into the intellect: I saw your story about the music group blacktopGYPSY [Playbill, by William Michael Smith, September 28]. I heard them, and I agree that there's something interesting going on here; blacktopGYPSY are great players and singers, and they show an intellect in their lyrics. They don't tease you along with trite situations and pearly-cat smiles. I think they're great. Don't borrow it...get one to keep.

Veeder Dorn
Somis, CA

More Randy

Less hunger: Your "Slamburgers" article [by Olivia Flores Alvarez, September 28] whined so much about your hunger pangs, your positive comments about Randy Rogers were dimmed. Please tell me you were not really that rude to him. You're right, they should have asked you to join their feast, but taking up an entire article bitching about it looks unprofessional. I have grown to expect more from your work. Try harder to keep your cool! Go rant and rave to your friends, but be professional in your work. Respect yourself more than that!

Jennifer Larimore
League City


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