Letters to the Editor

Right or Wong?

Time for a turnover: Thank you for your recent article about Ellen Cohen and Martha Wong ["Changes in Attitude," by Josh Harkinson, July 27]. As a constituent of District 134, I'm ready for new leadership. I honestly can't think of one time Martha Wong has voted the way I would want her to. It is no surprise to me that she didn't want to speak to the Houston Press, Planned Parenthood or her GLBT constituents. We now need to meet her on Election Day.

She acted in wholehearted cowardice in the face of HJR 06. Her audacity to not vote on the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage shows her lack of ability to represent the people of her district. The fact that she would rather leave her constituents with no voice on a major issue, just to avoid upsetting the party leadership, gives light to the fact that she is unfit for her important position.



Representative Wong claims to want a small government that does not interfere with people's lives. One look at her voting record shows us what that means: a government that does nothing for its people, except interfere with their lives in their bedroom, and their uterus.

Her vote to take millions of children off C.H.I.P. was not only immoral but fiscally illogical as well. To not spend a dollar, to be matched, more than doubly, by the federal government, is the first unsound decision; but also, anyone who cares to do any amount of research into the reasons as to the high cost of health care would realize that the more uninsured people in a community, the higher the cost of insurance.

As if all this weren't enough, she was later named one of the "Toxic Twenty" after she voted no on every single piece of legislation aimed at improving the environment in Houston.

Martha Wong has failed my neighbors and me, time after time, on the issues we care about the most: health care, education, the environment and personal life decisions. In each case, as your article notes, she gives horrible excuses. No more excuses for me -- I'm voting for Ellen.

Travis Sheive

Partying at the Music Awards Showcase

On the house: You wrote: "I loved the Ceeplus street team standing outside the Jfe Bar telling everyone that there was free beer inside. It worked -- people would wander in and then get caught up by the music. He sounded fine, and of everyone, he probably had the hardest room to work" [Racket, by John Nova Lomax and Olivia Flores Alvarez, August 3].

I didn't have a street team outside yelling, "Free beer." That had to be the staff at Jfe or Houston Press street folks. Free booze would have been great, though. When there's free beer and me involved...It has to be true!

Drink 'em up!

Ceeplus & the House of Bad Knives

The Scattered Pages

Treasures: Your article on the Scattered Pages ["The Bards of Baytown," by John Nova Lomax, July 27] was a nice read. It's a good feeling to hear others praise the skills and techniques of these three talented young men.

I learned of this treasure of a musical team through my daughter, and have now introduced many of my generation to their music and showmanship.

Linda Hagar, 61

Musical Confusion

It can't be: I think you may have Marc Anthony confused with another Latin artist (perhaps Ricky Martin?) [Playbill, by Olivia Flores Alvarez, July 20]. Anyone who has seen Anthony in concert can clearly say that Anthony is all talent and definitely not any bit of flashy showmanship. While I am a very big Anthony fan, I have never had the opportunity to see him in concert. I have, however, seen the Concert in Madison Square Garden on DVD and noted that he was a bit boring as far as stage dramatics. If it were not for his fantastic voice, I would have shut it off and put on one of his CDs. Based on your last statements in your article, I'm guessing that you did not have the opportunity to see the show and are assuming what is to come. If that is the case, then I think you were misinformed. Also, as far as the fan base of each artist, maybe that is how things are in Houston, but I would assume that people who listen to Latin radio stations can, at the least, distinguish and decide on their own who they feel will bring the most enjoyment in the concert.

Christine Rivera
Charlotte, North Carolina

Insanely Great

On target: Your review of the Bert Long exhibit ["Long Life," by Kelly Klaasmeyer, July 13] was dead-on correct! Visiting the MFAH last week, doing research for my upcoming term paper, and before I could even begin to look for the Oldenburg piece I was trying to find, I found myself captivated by the insane artwork of Bert Long Jr. Great review!

By the way, if you happen to know anything about Claes Oldenburg and his piece Giant Soft Fan (Ghost Version), it would be extremely helpful!

Robert Robertson

Row, Row, Row that Boat

Destruction: What a great piece of work ["Dark Water," by Josh Harkinson, July 20]! I grew up in Houston in the years after WWII. When I was a boy we would play under the Shepherd Drive Bridge over Buffalo Bayou. Even in the shadows of River Oaks, the place had a combination of wildlife and debris. It is chilling to read your account of the environmental destruction of the area's waterways. At one point, I think we can reasonably say that we just didn't know any better. We certainly know now. I don't have any easier solution to this than the next person; however, I am happy that I moved away from the area and raised my daughter in a less poisoned environment.

The next time I listen to some legislative cowboy blowhard gripe about the tree-huggers, I'm going to send him a copy of your article.

Mike Kelly

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