Letters to the Editor

Hurricane Hoopla

Game improvement: Hurricane Bingo ["Holy Sh--!" by Richard Connelly, June 1] would be a lot more fun if you'd include a "Megaplier" checklist, including any female news reader (I'm loath to use the term "reporter") who appears to be within three seconds of an orgasm while telling her "TV family" she's pregnant, some other "news" personality is pregnant, engaged, got laid,etc. Double Megaplier if that dog on KPRC is "tasered" on-air for humping someone or something.

Name withheld by request



Stamina to Spare

Fuck off: What is it with the Houston Press? There have been countless negative references to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. In the recent past, some writer was pissing and moaning about how Jagger looked silly trying to be a sex idol as he ages. Now there's this bullshit about James Brown [BayouSphere, June 1]. What is your motherfucking point? I would contend that both men have enough sexual stamina, on or off the stage, to get by in life. So fuck off! No pun intended.

David Whitten

A Life Is a Life

Awesome: Thank you so much for writing the article about Harley ["Lost Dog," Hair Balls, as told to Richard Connelly, May 18]. I had not heard of him before I read this. I am so glad that someone really gave it to the HSPCA for doing what they did. If it were a child they did this to, there would be an uproar, and it should be no different because he was a dog -- a life is a life. I hope the sorry bastard who put him on the list to be euthanized is haunted forever by his image. By the way, great smart-ass flyer about him. Haha: "Ideal Home -- any place that wouldn't kill me." Awesome. Thanks for speaking out. Sure wish other publications would.

Debbie Olsen

The Birth of Jazzie

Respect: Thanks for the honest, straightforward review on Jazzie Cafe ["Poor Boys and Philanthropy," by Robb Walsh, June 1]. I think you will help Beth and Wayne get their business off to a good start. I am particularly pleased that you stuck to your guns on the food quality, even though I disagree with you (yes, the roast beef is commercial, but it is still the closest I have found to Mother's in HoustonÉyou need to try the Creole sausage sometime, just for grins). You are an honest reviewer, and that is all one can ask for. I respect that. Thanks again for giving them a second shot and a write-up.

Tony Lentini

Indecent: Shame on Robb Walsh for his offensive, condescending, self-serving review of Jazzie Cafe. Fair enough if Walsh didn't like the food, and fair enough if he believes the lure of this tiny restaurant tucked away on a minor, mixed-use street in a remote part of the Heights is great enough that it is his duty to report his dissatisfaction to the citizens of Houston. But to disclose personal details that the owners likely did not know would wind up in a widely distributed publication (or any publication), and then to condescend to the owners by presenting them as a charity case to Press readers, demonstrates more than a lapse of journalistic ethics; it's simply indecent. If Walsh really wanted to help the couple in their attempt to make a new go of things in a new town, he should have given them his critique and suggestions privately and simply moved on to the next restaurant. No purpose except Walsh's own self-conceit was served by embarrassing the young owners.

P.S. All I've eaten at the restaurant is the fried catfish, which was delicious.

Wade Williams


The June 1 Hot Plate, by Paul Galvani, incorrectly stated the address of Leibman's Wine & Fine Foods. The correct address is 14529 Memorial.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

The Shining
The Houston Press pulls in some more awards

Houston Press staff writer Josh Harkinson won first place in the Feature Story category for "Tale of Two Cities" in this year's Lone Star Awards, sponsored by the Houston Press Club.

Harkinson also placed second in the statewide competition for Print Journalist of the Year for a body of work that included "Tale of Two Cities," "Wretched Excess" and "A Gap in Coverage." He also placed second in the Public Service category for "A Gap in Coverage."

Staff photographer Daniel Kramer placed first in Photo Package for his photographs of Celester Hall that accompanied the story "Who Cares?"

And frequent arts contributor D.L. Groover placed first in Arts and Entertainment Commentary/Criticism for an opera review titled "Imperfect Score."

Editor Margaret Downing received two second-place finishes -- in the Business Story category for "Who Cares?" and in General Commentary/Criticism for "Mind Reading."

Placing third in various categories were staff writer Todd Spivak in Public Service for "Overstimulated"; Hair Balls columnist Richard Connelly in General Commentary/Criticism for "What a Devil"; former fellow Mosi Secret in Sports Story for "Out of the Park"; former staff writer Greg Harman in Politics and Government Reporting for "System Failure"; and frequent contributor Brian McManus in Feature Story for "Road Trip."


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