Letters to the Editor

The Accused

Grand slamming: In 1944, as an employee of the federal government, Colonel Leon Jaworski, founder of Fulbright & Jaworski LLP, apparently committed a grievous injustice toward several black soldiers, imprisoning them and destroying their lives for having done nothing ["Rush to Judgment," by Josh Harkinson, June 22]. While prosecuting these men, he knew about an alternative study that had been done showing fundamental doubt and error as to their culpability but ignored it and kept it from the defense.

Thanks to the Houston Press for slamming such sacred cows.



Robert Gartner

Storm Story

That's Rich: I want to compliment Rich Connelly on his article about all of us in the southeast Texas area trying to get out of here ["Holy Sh--!" June 1]. Funniest thing I have ever read -- and experienced, too. No one could have explained it the way it really was any better than he did. Looking back and reading this article has made my year. LOL! Everything he said was so true, so true, so true. We were in traffic 29 hours from here to Warren (about 70 miles), and it was crazy...not a cop in sight on those back roads, just millions of headlights in the pine trees. I plan to bring this article when I leave again, too. In fact, it's coming alongside my Bible.

Mary Ellen Breaux
Port Arthur

Important Port

Search away: Bolivar is probably not a worthy target ["Beach Patrol," Hair Balls, June 15, as told to Richard Connelly]. But a sunken ferry boat, oil tanker or container ship at the mouth of the Ship Channel could do a lot of harm to the local and state -- if not national -- economies. According to Wikipedia, the Port of Houston is first in the country in international commerce and the sixth-largest port in the world. This is in addition to all of the refineries along the channel that are dependent on the waterway. If you had to pay $4 a gallon for gas, the searches wouldn't be so bad by comparison. Take a few steps back and refocus.

Alvin Carr
La Marque

Tell a Mexican

Dear Mexican: It's about time that the Houston Press got some flavor. Every time I attend an HP event, all I see is gringos! We need some representation.

Latina and proud!

Dolores Castro

Great Scott

Funny forward: I just received one of those silly forwards of a forward, which swore I would find Scott Faingold's music reviews funny. Only because it came from the best friend of the woman I sleep with every night, I clicked on the link and read "Scott Faingold Listens to Everything" [June 8], which led to one of those awkward office moments when Ruby, our matronly secretary who has worked here since before I was born, asked why I was laughing so much and I had to figure out a way to explain myself. Laugh-out-loud funny: "Put bluntly, this is one boring-ass, crossoverin' motherfucker, like a carbon copy of Al Jarreau as envisioned by Kenny Chesney's niece." Keep up the good work!

Justin Massa

Rock on: I love "Scott Faingold Listens to Everything." I usually find music reviews so boring, but I love reading this, whether I know the band or not. It's just fun to read. His insights are sharp, and it's not preachy or agenda-ish...It's just a guy who knows his shit.

Gina Manola
Monticello, Illinois

Stay Out of the Casa

No one cares: Stay out of the mom-and-pop restaurants ["Comida sin Fronteras," by Robb Walsh, June 22]. Casa de Leon has survived and is still around because people patronize it. It doesn't need the review of a "food critic" (I use the term loosely) to lure customers, unlike the high-priced, poor-quality and big-attitude restaurants on Westheimer and Montrose. No one who eats the "barrio" food at Casa de Leon cares what Robb Walsh thinks about the place.

We don't need any more Mexican restaurants like Hugo's...Oh, God, I've become a food critic. Please have me committed.

Bill Comstock

Totally Nuts

Uncivil service: I couldn't agree more with your comments about the service at Black Walnut Cafe ["Gelato Grotto," by Robb Walsh, June 8]. A few months ago I went there with my husband and ordered a salad. It was our first time, and I told the cashier to make sure that my salad didn't have any nuts, because I'm allergic. The cashier told me that she had to check with the manager first. The manager told me that he couldn't take the walnuts off the salad because the owner didn't allow changes to any menu items, and furthermore, it didn't make sense not to have black walnuts in the salad, considering that we were at Black Walnut Cafe. I explained to him about my allergies, and he asked me to order another item, as the salad that I'd ordered would not be served to me! My husband and I walked out and never returned.

Finally, someone has pointed out their terrible service. Thank you.

Alisa and Reuben Rolf

N.O. Way

Caught in a trap: If Robb Walsh is going to compare Jazzie with Mother's in New Orleans, he might at least mention the considerable difference in price ["Poor Boys and Philanthropy," by Robb Walsh, June 1]. Mother's will set you back closer to $30 for what will cost you ten at Jazzie; it's an unfair comparison made just to show off that he thinks he knows where the ultimate poor boy can be found. I think it may be time to find someone with some enthusiasm for how good things in Houston really are, instead of how they fail to measure up to his faulty assumption of the ultimate. Talk to any poor boy aficionado in N.O., and they will rate Mother's as a trap for people with more money than brains.

Jeremy Goodwin

Sadistic: I think the review of Jazzie Cafe was the most mean-spirited piece of journalism I have ever seen. I don't know if Robb had a bad week, is suffering from personal problems or realized at the last moment he had forgotten to write a review and pulled it out of where his offer of charity ought to go. I have been a religious reader of the Houston Press its entire life, but I will no longer support a vehicle for such sadistic, petty reportage.

Chris Pando

Pass the Funyuns!

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