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Trader's Village

Suspicious minds: Great article ["Wize Guys," by Craig Malisow, February 2]. I use the Wizetrade infomercial in a class I teach as an example of an investment trap. Thanks for confirming my suspicions and providing details.

Dale Rude,
associate professor
University of Houston



Easy, indeed: I read your article and am quite sure that most of 4X Made Easy users are not successful. I am one of the successful ones and find the software to be quite effective in trading on the foreign exchange market.

No trader wins every trade, but with the proper instruction and lots of practice, this software really is quite good.

All the rhetoric your "stock experts" were giving you is BS. There is only one thing that makes a stock or currency rise...when there are more buyers than sellers.

Read Trend Following by Mike Covel. The type of traders you cited are not high producers. They can't possibly match the returns I get. Sorry to burst the bubble of your article, but 4X Made Easy is actually great software.

Tommy Stamatelos
Riverside, California

Apart from the purple: I worked for nearly three years at GlobalTec, and left for precisely the reasons you've talked about. You enter into there, and you walk into a well-kept normal office building (aside from purple cubicles), and you sort of grow into this idea that says "No, we're not a scam," and many of the lower employees are regular people who believe that.

But as time goes on, it's just harder and harder to believe that.

Name withheld by request

Wizetrade is wise: I read with interest your articles about George Thompson, James Dicks and Wizetrade. I'm aware that James Dicks is no longer with GlobalTec and has now started his own company to compete with Wizetrade.

I have owned Wizetrade software for 18 months. Yes, there is a learning curve, and that was not hidden at the free seminar I attended. Because I had no background in the stock market, it took me longer than most, but I have been successful with Wizetrade. Any losses I have taken have been because of my own stupidity and not trusting the software. If you follow the Wizetrade plan, you can and will make money. Their satellite television is an invaluable tool, and the training that is available (free and for purchase) is incredible. But you do have to take the time and put the effort into learning and following the system. Duh, what piece of software isn't like that?

As for your statement that all you have to do is buy when the lights are green and sell when the lights are red, it's wrong, and they do not hide that fact at the free seminar. The red and green lights are indicators that you need to read the charts behind the lights. You do have to learn to read the charts. Wizetrade takes all the technical analysis and compiles it into an easy system...there is nothing wrong with that, or with offering such a product to consumers. Have you actually used the product for any period of time? I think you would find it a good product if you took the time to use it.

Lea Ward

Phony hawk: Thanks for exposing the utter charlatans that hawk this junk to unsuspecting and ignorant investors. It's about time someone did it. I've personally tried to save at least a dozen people from making this costly and foolish mistake. Hopefully, you've made my job a lot easier.

Investment adviser
Name withheld by request

En Fuego

Lift the arson ban! My wife and I like to go out on weekends for some arson fun, usually Saturday night/Sunday morning ["Arson Is Bad?" Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, February 2]. But for the last several weeks we have had to find other activities to keep us busy ever since the arson ban was announced on the Houston-area highway signs.

At first it was a minor inconvenience, but it really has disrupted our arson schedule for the year. We are going to have a hard time catching up. It was good to hear that the ban should be lifted sometime in March. Not soon enough for us!

If you need help with your restaurant, let us know. We would be happy to take care of it for you. Of course, we would have to wait until after the arson ban has been lifted. We may be arsonists, but we do obey the law.

Name withheld by request

Money Talks

Decisions, decisions: I would feel a lot more compassion and understanding for Tinita Samuels if she had not made so many stupid decisions, like having four children out of wedlock and buying designer clothes she couldn't afford ["Eaten Alive," by Josh Harkinson, January 26]. Her money would have been better spent on birth control pills, condoms and discount clothing.

Name withheld by request
La Porte


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