Letters to the Editor

The Knittas Yarn

Kudos: I loved Keith Plocek's article on the knittas ["Knitta, Please!" December 22]. I wanted to say that although these badass ladies don't think they have a political message, anytime we reclaim public space for something besides commercial ventures we are doing something political. Kudos to some rockin' mamas who are revolutionizing the way the world sees us mothers.

Now, who's going to teach me to knit? Who's my knitta?



Katie Heim

Outrageously insulting: How in the hell did the title "Knitta, Please!" make it onto the cover of your newspaper? As an African-American, I am highly offended. What kind of people do you have working down there? Whether you were trying to be funny or you thought you were being creative with the wordplay, you were completely wrong. I could understand if one idiot came up with this idea, but I can't understand how it got past everyone else in your company and made it on the cover of your newspaper.

I have never written to the editor of any newspaper about any of the stuff I have seen published, and I think people who do write have nothing better to do but complain. But this time lines were crossed. You have all seriously messed up! I understand things are changing in our culture and more and more things are becoming acceptable, but stuff like this will never be cool! It's outrageously insulting. In a situation like this, people should be fired, and I demand that you apologize for your lack of professionalism and utter stupidity.

Joshua Laurila

Krazy for Kramer

Good work: I have been a big fan of the Houston Press since day one. I would like to tell you how I am taken with your staff photographer, Daniel Kramer. I always look forward to his covers and the people and places he shoots. Examples: the Indian at Traders Village, the "Free Booze" article and, this week, the bodybuilding championship ladies. I do photography myself as a hobby. Kramer always pops up in the neatest places with the greatest subject matter. The covers, for example the Mel Hell one, grab instant attention. I snag my copy in West U in front of Bally's. Good work, and good art.

Jerisue Garner

America's Heroes

A smack in the face: This correspondence concerns your review of the game America's Army: Rise of a Soldier ["Virtual Quagmire," by Luke O'Brien, December 15]. Apparently, through your expertise as a gaming enthusiast, it is your opinion that the game is only slightly above average, as you ranked it a six out of a maximum of ten. I don't have any problems with that.

My issue, sir, is that you throw several punches at the real-life soldiers who are dying over there every day. In fact, the closing paragraph, which employs Secretary Rumsfeld's quote, "You go to war with the army you have" and your subsequent analysis, "we're in more trouble than we thought," smacks the collective face of all our servicemen and women. One of my former students is over there right now with the 1st Marines. He is not there because he is a member of the "gamer generation." He is over there because it has been his only goal since I met him at age 13 when he was in my English class. People like my former student are not a part of any "hollowed-out" military. Another of my former students is a freshman at West Point, while another will be joining the marines upon his high school graduation in May 2006.

I am really disappointed, both as a reader of your column and as an American, that you would use the opportunity while reviewing a video game to undercut young, brave people like my former students.

By the way, what did you think of the Iraqi election this past week?

Zak Browne


The art review "Grab Bag" (by Kelly Klaasmeyer, December 15) incorrectly stated the gender of artist Joey Fauerso. She is a woman.

In addition, the cafe review "Suburban Import" (by Josh Harkinson, December 8) incorrectly spelled the name of Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook.

The Houston Press regrets the errors.

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