Life On The Rodeo Road: "The Steer Stopped And Run A Horn Through My Face"

Photo by Paul Knight
Name: Lee Graves
Age: 37
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Event: Steer Wrestling

I got into rodeo because I was raised around horses my whole life. I got involved with some neighbors who roped and stuff, and that's about it. I was playing a lot of hockey at the time, and I was probably like 12 when I really started rodeoing, getting ready for high school.

If I didn't rodeo, I would train horses for a living or ranch.

I'm on the road all year round. Last year I tore up my knee real bad, so I had to take off all year and didn't get to come here. I remember watching this rodeo on TV, and I didn't know if I'd ever steer wrestle again. To be here this year is kind of cool.

Every cowboy in rodeo has a bad injury story, and that's pretty common in a rodeo-type deal. Last year I had a major surgery after I tore off my knee cap at Tucson, and I had to rehab with the Phoenix Suns trainer because I couldn't rehab anywhere else. Crazy stuff. I've seen lots of car wrecks and been in lots of car wrecks. I've been knocked unconscious once. The steer stopped and run a horn through my face. I was probably 23 or 24.


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