Lindsay Grice: Perhaps consulting this "Chemicals Professional" is not such a good idea.
Lindsay Grice: Perhaps consulting this "Chemicals Professional" is not such a good idea.
Harris County Sheriff's Office

Lindsay Ann Grice: Accused Klein Meth Cook Advertises Business on LinkedIn, Faces Arson Charge After Friend Is Burned in Explosion

New charges have been filed in connection with a Klein meth fire that sent one man to the hospital with critical injuries and two others to jail.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrested Lindsay Ann Grice, 25, and Thurman Lee Hall, 37, back on May 24 after a pot of what they allege was meth exploded at a home on Paddle Wheel Lane, near Kuykendahl and Cypresswood. An unidentified man was badly burned on his hands and face, and Grice and Hall drove him to the hospital and then reportedly hurried back home to try to dispose of the evidence.

Apparently that mission failed, because they were both charged with manufacture of meth and simple possession of same. And now they both face a charge of arson while manufacturing a controlled substance.

The fire would seem to put the lie to what seems likely to be Grice's bare-bones LinkedIn profile. There she describes herself as a "Chemicals Professional" and "Baller at Self-Employed," but pros and ballers in the meth game don't cook themselves or their buddies.

She's up for everything from "consulting offers" and "new ventures" to "expertise requests" and "business deals."

Some of those activities will have to wait, as Grice has been behind bars since July after she failed to appear in court and her bonds on the possession and manufacture charges were revoked. And we're thinking she might be looking at a long stretch behind bars, as her rap sheet already includes two DWIs, an assault conviction and a pending felony check-forgery case.

Also, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the home where the meth exploded was crammed to the rafters with "a vast number of stolen goods."

Perhaps those could be explained by the presence of Thurman Hall. The six-foot-six ex-con has multiple burglary convictions in several counties, was accused of robbery in Austin, and did prison time after he was caught stealing jewelry and electronics from his roommate here in Houston.

Hall and Grice are being held without bond in the Harris County Jail.

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