Looking for Choucroute in Alsace?

This week’s review of Brasserie Max and Julie prompted a wave of choucroute nostalgia. A story about looking for the best choucroute in Alsace is included in my book, Are You Really Going to Eat That? In it, I describe the choucroute at a Michelin two-star restaurant named Le Cerf in Marlenheim, about 20 miles north of Strasbourg. Chef Michel Husser calls his creation Choucroute à notre façon au cochon de lait de Kochersberg et foie gras fumé, which translates to “Choucroute 'our way' with suckling pig from Kochersberg and smoked foie gras.” Go check it out. Le Cerf is also a hotel if you need a nap after dinner. -- Robb Walsh


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