Loose Bulls & Heifers on the Rampage: Five Video Examples

FREEDOM!!! For a while.
FREEDOM!!! For a while.

A heifer got loose at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo yesterday, causing some quick escapes by passers-by and round-up efforts by the cowboys in attendance.

It's not the first time this has happened at the HLS&R, but cows/bulls running loose isn't limited to Houston.

They can break out anywhere, and when they do hilarity can sometimes ensue. As long as no one gets hurt, of course.

Here are five video examples of temporary cow freedom:

5. Golf-cart wrangling This year's model of the loose heifer/bull. And remember, there's still three weeks of rodeo to go.

4. Bull vs. shopping cart The bull's just pissed he forgot his coupons.

3. Smartest bull ever Uses the fence like a cowboy scraping mud off his boot.

2. Where the ladies at? Like everyone else, this bull fails to find any exciting nightlife in Auburn, Washington.

1. I know I smell fried Oreos somewhere Another HLS&R escape, this time from 2010.

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