Lynn Wyatt Spotted on the Isle of Capri on Perez Hilton. (No, Not on Him in That Way.)

Attention, gays Lynn Wyatt fans: Your patron saint has turned up on the Isle of Capri with her friend Elton John and his husband, David Furnish. Though we don’t get a full view of her in the photo posted on Perez Hilton’s Web site, we can say that, as always, the Houston socialite looks head-to-toe fabu.

It’s an odd sensation to feel envious of the appearance of “a woman of a certain age” -- we challenge you to hunt down the year of her birth; it appears she has somehow strong-armed the Internet into maintaining a tasteful silence on the subject -- but we ARE! We ask you: How can she have been eligible for cheap movie tickets for, like, a decade or something, and still look so damn good?

Our gay, a proud owner of two “Lynn Wyatt Fan Club” T-shirts, once turned beet-red and started hyperventilating when he saw Wyatt in the shoe department at Neiman’s. We forwarded him the photo. His response: “DIAMOND!” – Cathy Matusow


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