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HouStoned blog readers respond to "Creationism and the Dumbing Down of Texas," by Margaret Downing, July 19.

Poor Kansas: Hey! It's not my fault everyone who lives within me is a religious retard! Why not pick on Oklahoma for a change?

Kansas says, July 19


Christian conservatives

Idiots: Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Not the idiots. I don't know how that got mixed up. And I don't know about anyone else out there, but I'm really getting sick and tired of people forcing me to live according to their mythological belief.

John Royal, July 19

Do something: I would love to see, just once, someone write in a commentary something akin to what John Royal wrote — "but I'm really getting sick and tired of people forcing me to live according to their mythological belief" — followed by: and here's what I'm going to DO about it!

I swear, if I had half a red cent for every time some outraged person starts a sentence with "I'm really tired," I'd have enough money to hire Bill Gates as my personal umbrella stand. This Dr. Don McLeroy has been around since at least '98 pulling bonejobs all around the clock and he's STILL there. Well, do what my state did when the government tried to do something colossally stupid and mostly without our say-so. Raise holy hell!

Mad-Hamlet, July 19

Poll position: The poll results seem to have reversed themselves:

Would you support creation being taught in public schools along with the theory of evolution?

Yes: 33.72 percent. No: 66.28 percent.

Ben, July 19

We're Farked: This got Farked and already the poll has turned around. Sixty-seven percent oppose creationism being taught alongside evolution.

Dennis, July 19

Lesson plan: Why do they need to teach creationism, anyway? What's there to teach? "Today we're going to learn about creationism, a belief which states that the universe and everything in it was created by Go— um, I mean an intelligent force. That does it for today's lesson. Just work on homework or sit and read quietly for the rest of the hour."

Andy, July 20

No conservative: I resent the description of Dr. Don McLeroy as a conservative. A true conservative knows that McLeroy and people of his ilk are not conservatives — they're radicals, no different from the Islamic clerics who want nothing more than to codify religion into lawÉ

Goldwater, now there's a conservative.

Hiro, July 20

Troglodytes: Dr. McLeroy is a Christian conservative, just like Governor 39 Percent. The two of them, and many thousands of others, are intent upon using the mechanisms of government, and particularly the school textbook selection process, as a means of imposing their personal and religious beliefs on others by force of law. They are quite clear about it, believing they are doing God's will. McLeroy and the other religious conservatives on the State Board of Education are there because most Texans don't pay attention to those down-ballot races. They are there as part of a deliberate and so far successful campaign by the religious right.

We weren't paying attention, and so now we have to continue to do battle with these troglodytes.

Dennis, July 20

Serious damage: Texas Gov. Perry is following in the footsteps of the biased, anti-scientific thinking espoused by G.W. Bush. It will take a generation of sane thinking by leaders to overcome the damage. Maybe more, because of the power of Baptist and other religious rightists in Texas. The Baptists are imitating the actions of the Islamics.

Everett L Williams, July 20

A suggestion: Take him OUT!!!

Jon G., July 20

Stop them: Will someone PLEASE make the Baptists stop? They think this place is their little playground — BUT IT ISN'T! If you don't want to face FACTS, drop out of school. Stop trying to make our children into morons like yours.

Gerald, July 20


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