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Meanies: Your piece on Kristen2go's "vlog" was mean ["Almost MySpace," Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, June 21]. What have y'all done to be so smug and cooler-than-thou? Ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's impressive. I mean, it would have to be, I guess, if your cover story is about the wonders of chicken-fried steak. You're sure to scoop your competitors with that one. Notwithstanding your editorial expertise, my suggestion is that you put in a couple of more ads for bars and prostitutes. I'm not sure if you have enough.

Scott Sweeney

CFS Time


Houston Chronicle bloggers

Bob's comin': Finally, an article a portly, bespectacled comedian can sink his teeth into ["I Love CFS," by Robb Walsh, June 21]. As a man who has a special pair of pants to wear when going to eat CFS, I appreciate Walsh's article. Unfortunately, now I must spend the next few weeks driving around the state visiting all these restaurants and trying said CFS. I can't wait to put on another 30 pounds (of muscle). Tell all the establishments in the article that "Bob's comin', and hell's comin' with me!"

Bob Biggerstaff
Last Comic Standing Season 5

Holy crap! I had to run to the toilet and reach for the antacid just from reading the Press's eight-page spread on chicken-fried steak. Any meat that has to be pounded with a hammer, deep fried in grease, then smothered in white pasty gravy before being eaten should be banned by the Food and Drug Administration!

Steve Gibson

Don't be shy: Chicken-fried steak was my favorite food growing up, but I have shied away from fried foods lately. Your article has renewed my interest in this dish, and I'll be making the circuit of the restaurants you highlighted in Houston.

Bingiee Shiu

Delish: I just finished reading your delicious article about the best CFS in Texas. My husband and I are relocating to San Antonio in August, and after reading all about my favorite food, I'm more excited than ever.

Maggie Scarborough
Lakewood, CO

Gravy first? Your column is a treat, and the CFS topic is a winner. Thanks for presenting this.

When I was a kid in the '50s and '60s, some cafes in North Texas would serve the gravy on the plate and set the steak in the puddle of gravy. Ever heard of that?

John Roberts

Jax flash: You shouldn't forget about Jax Grill. There is one in the Bellaire triangle, and also on Shepherd. I have only been to the Bellaire location, but they are hand-breaded, very tender and large. The gravy is wonderful — it's homemade, not some powdered gravy mix. You guys should go over there and try one. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

P.S. I don't work for Jax, just in case you were thinking it.

Scott Floyd

What about Bob's

Running on empty: My significant other and I have read Robb Walsh's restaurant reviews for years. He has great diversity and depth of food knowledge, and his columns have been guides to good eating...until lately. It appears that orders from above may have caused Walsh to dull his knife.

Last Friday we dined at Bob's Steak & Chop House on Post Oak Boulevard after reading Walsh's review the previous week ["Separation of Church and Steak," June 14]. He correctly described a good and plentiful porterhouse. The chopped salad and carrot cake were equally enjoyable, as was the wine list. Other than that, the kitchen ran on empty.

We had a premonition of disappointment when the kosher-style pickles on the table turned out to be as tasteful as silicone or some other ersatz plastic. Having lived in New York, I know a bum kosher pickle at first bite. And the table bread was an overblown hamburger bun on the lam from Burger King.

The lobster bisque was almost as thin as consommé, with only a vague hint of the rumored crustacean. The side that came with the porterhouse was the predicted glazed carrot, but a candied version better suited to holiday fare. The "skillet fried potatoes" were aptly described as "plenty for the two of us" since their slimy texture and poor taste prevented us from finishing them.

Walsh's omissions indicate he is holding back in his reviews, to the detriment of his readers. If Walsh's subjects deserve a roasting, give it to us well done.

Dick Schey

Editor's note: Writing his reviews, Robb Walsh takes "orders" from no one.

Wrestling with Literature

Irritated: Just a short, highly unnecessary comment on the BayouSphere picture in the June 21 Press: While I was tickled to see a reference to Ulysses in your fine publication just after I'd returned home from the Joyce in Austin Conference, I was slightly irritated by the snarky context of said reference (implying that arm-wrestling aficionados would have little appreciation of Joyce's work). As someone who loves Ulysses and Sylvester Stallone's arm-wrestling opus Over the Top with near equal intensity, I'd like to gently remind Daniel Kramer that whether or not Ulysses is "James Joyce's cry for Ireland to free itself from the shackles of Catholicism," it, along with much of Joyce's work, manages to accurately depict unglamorous people spending a lot of time screwing around in bars without unduly insulting them. In other words: Even us folks what like the beer and the 'rasslin can read them big books too! Hoo doggies!

Martha Stallman

Editor's note: Daniel Kramer does not write the captions for BayouSphere.


"Jihad Jerry," a June 28 Wack item by Nicholas L. Hall, was a parody, a.k.a. a joke that apparently not too many people got. To clarify: In real life, Gerald Casale of Devo has no relationship with Casale Media.

The Houston Press regrets the confusion.

The Funniest

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists has announced that Houston Press staff columnist Richard Connelly has won the Humor/under 100,000 circulation category of its annual contest.

Connelly, who writes the Hair Balls column for the Houston Press, won for a collection of his columns. The announcement was made at a banquet in Philadelphia.

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