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Online readers respond to "Jock Radio," by Richard Connelly, June 28.

There's nothing else: I like to listen to sports-talk radio in Houston because, let's face it, the music channels are a waste of air space, and I've grown to prefer listening to talk radio when I am in my vehicle. I don't have HD radio in my car, so I can't get KUHF's HD feed with the excellent NPR talk programs, and I loathe the political talk radio, which is a bunch of idiots ranting at and mistreating each other. So that leaves sports-talk radio, which can be very entertaining and informational, without being rude and idiotic like political talk. My only complaint is that only 790 appears to take soccer seriously. But at least I can get my daily soccer fix from the podcast of World Soccer Daily, a Sirius program, which is becoming one of the best sports programs in this country.

AS Roma Fan, June 28


sports-talk radio

What about Ralph? How did this entire article go without mentioning Ralph Cooper at 1430 KCOH? He's a Houston institution. His sports-talk show goes toe to toe with the others and is always entertaining. Although he doesn't work for an all-sports station, he does have a loyal audience, and generates some of the most spirited talk in town.

Aaron, June 28

We agree: As I mentioned on our blog, I didn't deal with Ralph Cooper, in part for the reason you mentioned: He's not on an all-sports station. But in the past the Houston Press has named him the Best Talk Show Host in our annual Best of Houston© issue, so we agree with your assessment. Thanks for reading.

Connelly, June 28

Go national: What Houston sports program managers don't understand is that there is a nice market for the major ESPN programming (i.e., 97.5 FM). I used to listen to Mike and Mike all of the time on 790 AM, until they had the wonderful idea that the morning drive needed more Vince Young and Astros talk. There are many people here, including myself, who are transplants and come from areas with much better sports programming. If I am going to listen to sports talk, I need some national sports discussion and analysis. There is nothing wrong with having a little local flavor in there — that's why I like 97.5 FM's format. Otherwise, you are subjected to Houston callers who can beat a dead horse like none I have ever heard...and that can be attributed directly to the "nice" hosts. Cut these losers off if it doesn't add to the discussion. If 97.5 adds more local, I will be forced to get XM radio.

Andy Sharp, June 29

Paging Colin: So that's where all this "Paris Hilton" talk comes from. Some morning shows are so cute, it's like watching (listening to) Entertainment Tonight. Dang, I miss Colin Cowherd.

Bill, June 29



Serve the comunidad: I am writing in regard to the story about Fear of a Brown Planet ["Uh, Do the Minutemen Know About This?" Night & Day, by Olivia Flores Alvarez, June 28]. What ignorant editor would allow such a racist and derogatory headline for a story? How many pendejos does it take to come up with vocabulary to create a decent piece for their fellow comunidad? Señora Olivia Flores Alvarez must not know that she stands on this soil because there have been hundreds and thousands of gente who fertilized and cared for this land with their hands so that she would have a place to thrive. I heard a story once by a professor at a national arts conference about how when the Aztecs were born, they knew their role would be to build a city. They also knew they would never see the finished city in their lifetime. Instead, they spent their lives building a city for their future families. Alvarez is taking down the bricks and contributing to the crumbling of what we have built. As a writer, she has the opportunity to create work that will help to build the empowerment of our raza.

Just a thought: Take some writing workshops about what journalism is supposed to be about — the people, representing the people, the voice of the people.

Anel J. Flores
San Antonio

A Robb Walsh Fan

Or is she? I wanted to give praise to Robb Walsh. In my opinion, he is by far the best reason for reading the Press. I only started reading this newspaper because of his intellectual and insightful reviews. I would excitedly open up my Press every week to another original, thoughtful, colorful review. His insight and originality were such a breath of fresh air.

I only wish that people didn't complain about the writing style of Walsh, because that is the only explanation I can come up with for these "reviews" of late. They are not in his style of writing. We no longer get the history, background, personal touches, etc., of how Walsh came across these restaurants and food.

It's sad that in such a diverse city as Houston, we cannot enjoy the true writings of such a brilliant person.

All I want is for the old style to come back...or how about a compromise — half vanilla, half original?

Susan Lesser

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