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A veggie's take: Is there a chance you could give Robb Walsh more investigative assignments or feature articles? I enjoyed reading about Houston's taco truck industry more than abandoned buildings (and I'm a vegetarian) ["Las Fabulosas Taco Trucks," by Robb Walsh, March 15]. Fantastic article.

Steven Winnefeld

Delicious: I ordered a campenchana from the Jarro truck on Gessner. It was delicious after I brought it home and added sour cream and shredded cheese. Goes great with a cold brew. They had no idea what mollejas was. I thought that was interesting. I told them I thought it was sweetbreads, and they looked at me cross-eyed. Oh well, I plan to visit them again and other taco trucks. Thanks for the info.



Jeff Blackwell

HouStoned readers weigh in on the end of the Taco Truck Gourmet blog and Jarro Cafe:

*Sniff* I'll miss the Taco Truck Gourmet!
Comment by 'stina -- March 14, 2007

More Gourmet: Robb, I think you should rethink stopping the Taco Truck Gourmet. It is one of my favorite reads. I eat at many trucks out on the job, and I love most of them. You couldn't spend five bucks at one if you tried. Some of my helpers get tired of it after a few days, but when they do get hungry, it's either eat Mexican or find a new job. Good stuff.
Comment by terry bale -- March 15, 2007

I really like this place: They have the best tacos. My favorite is the pastor, and the bistec and the cochinita are awesome. I agree with their slogan: "The best tacos in town."
Comment by Will -- March 13, 2007

Like home: I'm from Mexico City, and I used to go to Houston two or three times a year for some shopping and to see friends. I visited a lot of restaurants over there trying to find Mexican food, but always I found Tex-Mex. Then I heard about this place. I went, and I really liked it -- the concept is amazing. I can feel like I'm in Mexico. Now, every time I go to Houston, I visit and recommend Jarro Cafe...
Comment by Pily -- March 20, 2007

Best Bond?

Sean Connery forever: I disagree with what Jim Ridley said about the James Bond movies [DVDish, March 15]. He says Casino Royale with Daniel Craig is the best Bond film ever made.

Sean Connery is and will always be the best James Bond ever. We would not even still be talking about James Bond in 2007 if not for what Connery did in the 1960s. Sean Connery's acting and voice brought 007 to life. He created the entire James Bond fad of the 1960s -- just look at all the cool Bond toys that came out back then. With John Barry's music scores behind, Connery made Ian Fleming's James Bond a true 1960s icon.

Now having said all that, I enjoyed Casino Royale and Daniel Craig a lot. It was good to see Casino Royale as a film played seriously. I just wish Craig would have dark hair in the classic Bond style. My personal favorite Bond film is Thunderball; it was the first James Bond movie I saw on the big screen, and it made me the fan and collector of James Bond that I am today. Now, that's an impact.

Jay Anz

Ramblin' Man

Tell us about the movie: It's nice to see that Nathan Lee is ably following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Gregory Weinkauf. The rambling, only halfway coherent, extended non sequitur of his review of 300 ["Man on Man Action," March 8], draped in silly "ironic" hipster-wannabe dialect that was more about the homoerotic/homophobic content and imagery of the movie than the movie itself, made me feel as though I were reading dialogue from Wayne's World. Did he really have that little to say about the content of the movie itself? I think that Weinkauf would be proud of Lee's avoidance of discussing the film in favor of his own biased personal rambling. Next time, Lee, please tell us about the movie.

Chris Pineau

Pigs and Literature

The Texas Institute of Letters has notified Houston Press staff writer Todd Spivak that he is a finalist in the organization's 2006 TIL Literary Awards, a competition open to writers in Texas.

Spivak is a finalist in the "Stanley Walker Award for Best Work of Newspaper Journalism Appearing in Newspaper or Sunday Supplement" category for his feature "Hog Wild." The story talked about hog-dogging, a Southern tradition practiced in Texas that pits dogs against feral hogs.

Winners in each category will be announced at a banquet on April 14 at the Hilton Park Cities Hotel in Dallas.

Credit Problems

The cover photograph for "The Turn of the Screw" [by Roni Sarig, March 22] was incorrectly credited to Daniel Kramer. The photo was courtesy of SLFEMP.

The Press regrets the error.


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