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Brad Pits

In "Lights Out for Lidge?" [March 20], new blogger John Royal wrote of his growing sense that something's just not right with Brad Lidge.


Houston Astros

Nice piece, John: Hope to see more. You may be on to something; dude's become a head case since Poo-Holes took him deeeeeeeeep in '05. You forgot the ultimate example of the phenomenon: Donnie Moore.


I sense from this piece he hasn't lost velocity. A slider that doesn't slide really does sound more like a mental than physical problem.

Comment by Mike
March 20, 2007

And, scene: Maybe a change of scenery is what this kid needs. Who knows, maybe all that batting practice, pitching where no one can see that his slider is not sliding, might actually make his pitch start sliding again. I don't think I would be the same either if Fat Albert nailed one off of me in the NLCS in the ninth inning when all I had to do was throw one fastball.

Comment by veritas
March 21, 2007

It's over: Lidge is as finished as the rest of those clowns. No disrespect to the author.

Great piece of writing and excellent points raised.

Comment by Mark
March 20, 2007

Team Dispirit

In "Rockets Win While Fans Yawn," [March 23], new blogger Jason Friedman wondered why Houstonians don't care that the Rockets are the best team in the Eastern Conference.

Exactly: Once again on the way to work, I hear of this Schuab guy. Schuab, A&M, but nothing about how Yao's returned to consistent MVP performances. Nothing about being an elite team, the best team in the East. Nothing about extending our winning streak. Nothing about how, thus far, the Rockets are .750 this month. About the Suns, the Rockets don't have to face the Suns. The Spurs will beat them.

Comment by chris k
March 23, 2007

Sad: It's tough when even the team's fans spend more time talking about replacing Van Gundy, getting playing time for Spanoulis and Novak, and how Rafer Alston is killing the team. With fans like that, who needs enemies?

Not that they don't have shortcomings, but we're talking about, arguably, the fourth- or fifth-best team in the NBA, the fourth-best team in point differential, and the best defensive team overall -- all that despite losing one of their two superstars for 32 games.

Pretty sad.
Comment by Jeff
March 23, 2007

Gundy's great: Jason, I concur with your arguments but respectfully point out that calling Jeff Van Gundy "the most lovable loser on God's green Earth" is a real low blow. The guy has done a heck of a job. Yes, he's a perfectionist and whines, but his complaints have merit. The Rockets do need to tighten up the turnovers and come to play in the fourth quarter to not let leads dissipate. Jeff Van Gundy is a winner in every sense of the word. And if you folks in Houston don't have the good sense to want him, we'll gladly take him back in New York.

Comment by Colin
March 24, 2007


The response to our first month's contest for high school photographers was overwhelming -- so overwhelming, in fact, that we're still tabulating the votes. We got plenty of great animal pics from Houston-area students, many of them at the last minute -- ahem -- so we'll announce the winners next week and post their photos in that edition. In the meantime, send all entries for this month's contest to The theme for April is sports -- baseball, football, badminton, you name it. Visit for more information and to view last month's submissions.

Watch This Dog
Todd Spivak wins a national investigative journalist award

Houston Press staff writer Todd Spivak has been named a first-place winner in the national Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. competition for his story "Run Over by Metro."

Spivak won in the "local circulation weeklies" category for his four-month investigation into the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Houston, which looked at fatalities and serious injuries caused by the public bus system.

As the judges noted, Spivak's story "found that the agency rejected the safety recommendations of its own investigators, hounded victims to settle accidents and misrepresented its accident statistics."

The prestigious awards recognize the most outstanding watchdog journalism of the year. IRE is a 4,500-member professional and educational organization based at the Missouri School of Journalism.

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