Mail Call

DeLayed Reaction

Jealous of Tom: You folks up in Houston are just jealous that we have Tom DeLay, who gets things done, while you're stuck with Sheila Jackson Lee, a nobody in the U.S. Congress ["Sweet Charity," by Sarah Fenske, June 10].

Jay Bute


Tom DeLay

Truth test: This was a great article. Look forward to seeing many more articles exposing this corrupt jerk. I give the Houston Press much higher marks than the Houston Chronicle for printing the truth.

Stuart Adams
Sugar Land

Ten percent solution: Your article against Tom DeLay raising funds for charity, particularly to help kids, is wrong and despicable.

I have cited DeLay for his big mouth when he used the wrong words and inadvertently insulted certain minority groups in the past (he seems to have gotten better), but to criticize his efforts to help children is despicable.

We live in a free country, and we should give thanks if events or situations develop in which individuals, out of their own freedom, decide to take on charitable endeavors.

How many times have the Houston Press, author Sarah Fenske and the other "sleazeballs" contributed to children's causes? Probably never.

To use one's recognition to help others is a noble accomplishment; to criticize out of your own ignorance and jealousy is immoral and evil.

I challenge the Houston Press to do 10 percent of what Tom DeLay is doing to help our children.

Tony Cantu
Human Rights and Conservative Political Activist
Candidate for Ph.D.


Bravo: Excellent article. Keep up the good work.

J.D. Smith
Nashville, Tennessee

Mistaken Identity

Fact and fiction: Psychotic. Freak. Demented. A few words that have been said about me since this article saw print ["Pulp Fiction," by Sarah Fenske, May 20]. Sadly, these words are from those who have no idea the person I am, and that is terrifying. Rushing to condemnation.

See, this piece wasn't written like I thought it would be. Or what I was told. There was never any harassment. Never anything that would give these people any indication that I was anything but a "million-dollar employee" (their words).

This is where my shock lives. These people know me like family, something no one would understand unless they worked there. They've read more than one of my "dark tales." There was never any reason to "disguise" anything because this story wasn't about anyone. It was a fictional story -- one of many.

I was never given a specific reason for my termination. I was never given a chance to speak. I don't know. I am amazed at these statements that I have issues, that I am crazy, that I got what I deserved. All from people that will never know the person I am.

Thanks to you and the Press for that.

Will Carpenter

Trash Talking

Bigotry revisited: Regarding the comments by letter writer Gary Stanford [Letters, "Gay Matter," May 27]: "Lighten up, trailer-park trash! Gay is an insult only if you're a bigot."

Yes, I agree, but trash is an insult to anyone, so who's really the bigot?

Tom Hyle

Winging It

Bayou City bats: Great article ["Going Batty," by Carl Leatherwood, June 10]! Thank you for writing so favorably about the Birds and Bats on the Bayou (BBOB) project at the University of Houston - Downtown. It is great to have something to share with my friends, family, colleagues and everyone else who participated in the project.

Additionally, I am so happy to have something that acknowledges and documents the accomplishments and collaborations of so many people and organizations without whom the project would not have been possible.

I am impressed by your writing style and attention to detail. The story is fluid and cohesive. Last, I know this story will help the bats overcome the "PR problem" referenced in the article.

Lawrence Spence

The Derf's Up

National league: The writer of the letter about the City artist is a real dork [Letters, "Capital Idea," June 3]: Derf is a nationwide published comix artist who lives in Cleveland, Ohio, like Harvey Pekar. He also was a high school friend of Jeffrey Dahmer, who earned the approval of Derf and his friends by mimicking his mother's cerebral-palsy-afflicted interior decorator. His cartoons are the best things in the Houston Press, along with This Modern World and Red Meat.

Rick Potthoff

Coaster's Toasters

Clones in the zones: I am not sure what the move is on media right now to slam amusement parks, but it really is oversensationalized ["Thrilled to Death," by Josh Harkinson, June 3]. The ratio of accidents is very small in comparison to other active-patron events (beachgoing, boating, skiing, etc.).

I have read the Press a lot over my years and usually took it for well-researched articles. No longer. The first thing Six Flags did when it bought Fiesta Texas was to shorten the initial drop and put breaks all over the ride, slowing down the forces.

As for your Serial Thriller reference, there are 23 others exactly like it running right now in the States. It is a clone model that was installed by Vekoma in many locations years before we even got it. When you clone something there is no research needed. It's a proven ride. In fact, most coasters at Six Flags' parks are clones. They cost less to build, and the safety is already proven.

You wrote an article about a subject that is near to me, and I know much, much more about many of the things you write about.

Mark Bailey

Photogenic: Did anyone else notice the ad with the photo of the Dungeon Drop on the same Web page as the article?

I really wish I had seen this article prior to sending my grandchildren to AstroWorld.

Linda Bailey

Money Ode

Morrissey mischief: Lots of love on the Mexican-American obsession with Morrissey [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, June 3]. As a former Smiths freak who has, um, managed to move on with my life, I can only laugh when I envision one of my little tykes singing the likes of "Frankly, Mr. Shankly" in the school talent show. Especially endearing would be hearing the following:"Frankly, Mr. Shankly, since you ask / You are a flatulent pain the arse. / I do not mean to be so rude, / but still, I must speak frankly. / Mr. Shankly, give us money." Good times indeed.

Don Mynack
Starkville, Missouri


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