Down the end of Terminal Road.
Down the end of Terminal Road.
Photo by Ed Schipul

Man Dies on Flight to Houston from Nigeria

On Tuesday, a man identified as Benedict Sylvester Igwedike, 67, of Lagos, Nigeria was found dead on a United Airlines flight from his home town. Investigators are awaiting the results of an autopsy on the man, who apparently died relatively early in the flight.

Back in January, a woman died on a flight from Brazil to Dallas and the flight was rerouted to Houston as a result. Both are tragedies to be sure, but what makes the press releases for these so strange is that the death is reported to have happened at "2800 Terminal Road," the address of George Bush IAH.

The fact that these deaths occurred (or were at least recorded into the death logs or whatever they call them) at a place called "Terminal Road" seems weird or creepy or unfortunate or all of the above. I know that it has to be official and all that, but couldn't they just say "at the airport" in press release? Just a thought.


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