Margaret Cho's New "Intervention" Video, Shot In The Suburban Wilds Of Houston

Margaret Cho, somewhere in Houston
Margaret Cho, somewhere in Houston
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

The new video for Margaret Cho's "Intervention" is out, and it's all about Houston.

If, that is, you define "all about" as "generically standing in for any suburb anywhere."

"We shot it in Houston on a brief moment where all of us were free," Cho says on her website. "Louis Van Amstel makes a fun little cameo too as we were right in the midst of Dancing with the Stars madness. Liam Sullivan directed this gem of a film and I absolutely love it. It makes me cry. Enjoy!!"

The video doesn't offer many clues as to where it was shot, but watch it after the jump and feel free to offer guesses.

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