Matt Schaub Injured and Out for At Least Four Games

The news for Texans fans is that Matt Schaub is out for at least four games due to a torn MCL in his left knee. Now the guys on the radio are talking about how this means the Texans season is over.

I disagree, of course, because I thought the season was already over. But I don't know why Schaub's injury is the cause for this. Sage Rosenfels has proven over the past several seasons that he can operate Gary Kubiak's offense better than Matt Schaub can operate Gary Kubiak's offense.

Sure, Rosenfels' turnovers cost Texans the game against the Indianapolis Colts. But is he any more of a turnover machine than Schaub? And if you really pay attention during the games, you can't help but notice that Rosenfels appears to be far more confident than Schaub. The Vikings had the Texans offense shut down during the first half yesterday. Rosenfels came in for the second half and the offense came to life.

Sure, Rosenfels threw that INT that possibly cost the Texans a TD, but as we've discovered, there's been nothing to indicate that the team would have scored if Schaub was in the game, and I'd argue that Schaub would have probably fumbled the ball or thrown an INT as well.

But it doesn't matter now because for the next month, at least, the Texans starting quarterback will be Sage Rosenfels. -- John Royal


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