Matt Schaub Out, and It Could Be Serious

Yes, Texans fans, you are cursed.

Celebrating too soon.....
Celebrating too soon.....

Quarterback Matt Schaub has suffered what might be a serious foot injury, which he got in the game against the Buccaneers Sunday.

"How bad could it be if he still played with it?" you ask. Well, adrenaline -- and not being asked to do too much because the game was a blowout -- can do wonders.

There are no estimates on time off, but he is definitely missing the next game, and if some rumors that are creeping around are true, he might miss a whole bunch more after that.

So it's Matt Leinart. He could get some wins out of the rest of the schedule, enough to get the Texans to the playoffs.

Matt Leinart in the playoffs? Whole other story.

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